Quick| How to Recover Data from 2 TB External Hard Drives?

Want to recover data from 2TB external hard drives quickly and easily? This page will provide you with the most effective way to perform external hard drive recovery.


By Lori / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How Do I Recover Data from My 2TB Hard Drive? Help!

There's no denying the convenience of external hard drives. They let us carry  massive amounts of data and easily share files between devices. But here's the thing - we often overlook how fragile these devices can be, and the panic that sets in when we realize we might lose all our precious data.

“How to recover data from 2TB external hard drive? Is it possible through data recovery software? I don’t know if I deleted them by mistake or the data is lost due to other reasons. I have a lot of important files in it. Thank you very much”


Have you also encountered data loss from 2TB external hard drive? In this article, you can learn how to recover data from 2TB external hard drives easily and quickly. Also, it's crucial to be prepared to prevent data loss.

4 Top Causes of 2TB External Hard Drive Data Loss

Before we perform external hard drive recovery, discover the primary causes behind data loss on your trusty 2TB external hard drive.

🧨Accidental Deletion: Human error deleting unimportant files from 2TB external drives results in data loss.

🎇 File System Corruption: Malware attacks can cause Windows to detect file system corruptions on your 2TB external HDD.

🎃 Multi-Computer Usage: Using the same external hard drive on multiple computers can lead to data loss or corruption.

🎡 Sudden Termination: Power outages or unplugging the external HDD mid-read/write can wreak havoc on your data.

How to Recover Data from 2TB External Hard Drives

No need to panic if you've experienced file deletion or loss on your external hard drive. The solution is simple - turn to external hard drive recovery software like MyRecover.

It is the best way to recover data from external hard drives on Windows 11/10/8/7 or Windows Server. This safe and professional external hard drive data recovery software can help you recover 2TB external hard drive with simple clicks.

Professional Data Recovery Software
  • It can perform Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, LaCie, SanDisk, Transcend, Buffalo, WD hard disk 2tb data recovery.
  • Recover deleted/lost files from internal and external HDDs, SSDs, USB sticks, SD cards, and other local drives.
  • Filter and recover disk data quickly without losing quality. You can also preview them before processing.
  • Recover 200+ formats: It can recover deleted Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, PPTX, JPG, PNG, MP4, MOV, MP3, CDA, 7Z, ZIP, MSG, EML, and more.

How to recover deleted files from external hard drive? Let’s have a try via MyRecover!

Step 1.Connect your external hard drive to the PC. Download and run MyRecover on your Windows. Then, hover the mouse over your 2 TB external hard drive and click Scan.


Step 2.MyRecover will scan your 2 TB external hard drive automatically and thoroughly to locate all the found data. You can use the Search Box or the Filter feature to quickly locate the files you want.


Step 3. Under the Other missing files folder, you will see a list of data that MyRecover has found. Choose your desired files to recover and click Recover x files.


Step 4. Select a new location to save the recovered files and click Select Folder to confirm it. Then, your 2TB external hard drive recovery is finished.

Select Location

🌟Tip: If you want to recover files from external hard drive with unlimited data recovery, please consider upgrade to the advanced editions to enjoy.

Bonus Tips: How to Prevent Data Loss on External Hard Drives

Data loss on external hard drives can be a real headache, but with some preventive measures, you can minimize the risk and ensure the safety of your valuable information. Here are some tips to help you prevent data loss on your external hard drive:

1️⃣ Safely Eject: Always use the "Safely Remove Hardware" option before unplugging your external hard drive. It reduces the chances of data corruption.

2️⃣ Protect from Physical Damage: Handle your external hard drive with care. Avoid dropping, exposing it to extreme temperatures, or any physical damage that might affect its functionality. 

3️⃣ Keep It Virus-Free: Use reliable antivirus software to scan your external hard drive regularly. This helps detect and remove any potential malware or viruses that could corrupt your files.

4️⃣ Test for Errors: Periodically run diagnostic tests on your external hard drive to check for any errors or bad sectors, which helps identify potential issues before they result in data loss.

5️⃣ Regular Backup: Create a habit of backing up your important files on a separate or cloud storage device. It acts as an insurance policy in case of any unforeseen events.

Here comes a highly-praised free backup software for Windows, AOMEI Backupper Standard to ensure data security. With its fantastic features, such as incremental and differential backup, your backup tasks are made simple and hassle-free. Maybe you can have a try.

File Backup


How long does it take to recover 2TB of data?
In general, recovering a large amount of data such as 2TB can take several hours to days. It's recommended to use MyRecover to scan the 2TB hard drive to recover deleted files because of its fast speed.
How to recover data from an external hard drive that won’t boot?
Here are 2 fixes to recover data from hard drive that won’t boot.
Fix 1. Make a bootable USB media via AOMEI Partition Assistant
Fix 2. Manually get files off hard drives that won’t turn on
Can I recover data from an external hard drive that is not recognized?
To start, press "Win + R" and type diskmgmt. msc into the Run dialog. Then, press "Enter" to check if the drive shows up in Disk Management. If you see the hard disk here, you can perform hard drive recovery to restore data from the not detecting disk using MyRecover.
How to fix bad sectors on external hard drive in Windows 10 or 11?
You can repair bad sectors on external hard drives using error-checking. Here are the steps:
Step 1. Press Win + E to open File Explorer. Navigate to This PC, right-click the external hard drive, and select Properties.
Step 2. Go to the Tools tab and click Check in the Error-Checking section.
Step 3. Finally, click Scan drive to start the process.
If this method cannot work, you can try other ways to fix bad sectors on external hard drives.
How to fix an unallocated external hard drive without losing data?
Faulty device drivers can cause unallocated space, so you can update the driver or uninstall the device to fix this issue. Please refer to the following steps:
Step 1. Connect your external hard drive to your PC. Press “Win + X” and select “Device Manager”.
Step 2. Locate “Disk Drives” and expand it.
Step 3. Right-click on your external hard drive and select “Update driver” or “Uninstall device” as you prefer.
How to recover lost partitions on external hard drives?
Using a partition management tool is feasible and can save much time and labor. For example, you can utilize the powerful software AOMEI Partition Assistant to get your lost partition back within easy steps. Download a Demo version to have a try!

In the End

Losing data can be extremely frustrating, but using a reliable data recovery tool can be a lifesaver. With a tool like MyRecover, you can save time and effortlessly recover data from 2TB external hard drives like Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, LaCie, etc. This method boasts a high success rate and fast speed, making the recovery process much smoother.

However, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid the headache of data loss, it's crucial to regularly back up your data. AOMEI Backupper Standard, a free and dependable data backup software for Windows, can help you effortlessly and quickly restore your files when needed.

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