In OneNote: How to Restore from Backup and without Backup

In OneNote how to restore from backup? This guideline will give you comprehensive ways to restore your OneNote files and pages easily.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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How do I restore OneNote from backup

“OneNote deleted some of my sister's notes, does anyone know how to recover her missing files? My sister opened up her OneNote and some of the folders she created are now completely empty (i.e. the documents in them are missing). They seem to be spontaneously deleting themselves (we just checked her folders again, and other files are gone now.) If anyone has experienced this issue before, or if anyone knows in OneNote how to restore from backup or other ways, please let us know! We would really appreciate it!”

As a nice digital notepad tool provided by Microsoft, OneNote is used by many users to record ideas, meeting content, to-do lists, and more.

If you are also like the user in the case above and have encountered OneNote data deletion, don't worry, you can recover deleted notebook in OneNote from backup or without backup. Please continue reading to get the detailed information.

How to restore OneNote from backup: clear steps

There is an auto-backup feature in OneNote, which will create backups of your notes data. Often, your notes data will be backed up weekly. By default, OneNote will save your data in C:\Users\[your Windows account name]\OneDrive\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\16.0\Backup

So it is not difficult to recover OneNote deleted pages and files. How to restore OneNote from backup? Here is the easy tutorial to perform OneNote restore from backup.

1. In OneNote, click the File tab, and choose the Info option on the left menu. Then select the Open Backups button.

File Info Open Backups

2. In the pop-up window, choose a version of your OneNote file, then click on the Open button.

Choose A Backup Click Open

3. On this page, right-click on the name tab of the file, and choose the Move or Copy option in the pop-up window. And you can select a destination for your recovered OneNote file.

Move Or Copy From Backup

How to restore OneNote without backup

You can not only restore OneNote notebook from backup, but also restore OneNote files in some other ways. Here we prepared 3 available methods and you can try to find your deleted OneNote files back.

Method 1. Restore OneNote with a shortcut

There is a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z, that can undo your deleting operation to recover missing files in Windows systems. It also applies to OneNote. If you just deleted your OneNote files or pages in a short period of time, you can try to press the Ctrl and Z keys at the same time to undo the deleting operation.

If you are using a macOS device, you can use the Command and Z keys to undo your deleting operation as well.

Method 2. Restore OneNote notes from Notebook Recycle Bin

Like recovering deleted files from Recycle Bin on your computer, you can also restore OneNote notes from Notebook Recycle Bin. Here is an easy guideline to do it.

  • On Windows 10/Mac/web versions

1. Click on the View tab on the top line. Then click on the down triangle icon to choose the Deleted Notes option in the pop-up window.

View DeletedNotes

2. You can locate your deleted OneNote files from all the deleted notes and right-click on it to choose Restore To. Choose a notebook to save your recovered notes and choose Restore to get started.

Select Deleted Onenote Page Restore To

  • In the OneNote desktop program

1. Choose the History tab in the toolbar, and click on the Notebook Recycle Bin button.

History Notebook Recycle Bin

2. Locate your deleted OneNote note, then right-click on it to choose Move or Copy....

Move Or Copy

3. Choose a location to save it, and click on Move to begin.

Select Location Click Move

Method 3. Restore OneNote with professional file rescue software

Though you can recover OneNote from backup, there are still some situations where you can not use such a way. For example, your OneNote notes are permanently deleted. So, you need a professional file rescue tool like MyRecover.

MyRecover is a free data recovery tool for all Windows operating systems including Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server. And it can get your files back even if they are permanently deleted or deleted from different situations.

And MyRecover has many shining advantages:

Support to recover 200+ types of data: photos, videos, audios, emails, Word files, Excel files, etc.
Restore files from SSD/HDD/USB/SD cards, and more.
User-friendly with only 3 steps and a clear graphical user interface.

Now, you can download and install the free file recovery software on your PC. Then follow the easy steps to restore OneNote notes easily:

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. In MyRecover, hover the mouse over the drive, and click Scan.

Select Location To Scan

2. All your deleted and missing files on the disk will be scanned. You can use the Filter feature or search box to find your files faster.

Scanning Drive

3. Finally, check the scanning result. Choose your OneNote file and click on the Recover X files button to restore your OneNote files without effort.

Search For Onenote File To Restore

Wrapping things up

Reading here, you have learned in OneNote how to restore from backup and detailed steps. What’s more, here are also other 3 comprehensive ways to restore deleted data in OneNote. To choose the most effective one, you can try MyRecover directly. It can help you restore files from most situations containing system crashes, accidental formation, permanent deletion, and so on.

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