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This article is about the comprehensive guide of OneDrive document recovery, facilitating you to restore OneDrive files easily and efficiently.


By Lora / Updated on October 13, 2022

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Where did my OneDrive documents go?

Plenty of Windows users will utilize Microsoft OneDrive as a primary or supplementary backup measure to keep their files safe and sound.

In addition, syncing important files using Onedrive makes it convenient for users to easily access their work files, family memories, downloaded movies, etc., on different devices.


But just as using other storage services or devices, it is hard to prevent data loss. A bunch of OneDrive users have reported that they have met OneDrive document/photo/video loss, and need to perform OneDrive file recovery.


How can I recover my files on OneDrive after deleting it permanently (accidentally)


I tried to delete my files documents and pictures on OneDrive by using my iPhone (permanently deleted my OneDrive files) but when I turned on my computer I noticed my files with documents and photographs got deleted too. How can I get my files back?


- Question from Microsoft Community


If you are suffering from document loss from OneDrive as well, this article will be worth reading.

Why do documents disappear from OneDrive?

Actually, except for deletion, there are more reasons for document loss from Onedrive.

  • Incorrect account. The wanted files could not be accessed with an incorrect Microsoft account signed in.
  • Low activity. According to Microsoft, files might be deleted if the account is inactive for two years. Users who have found “OneDrive deleted my local files” could check if the account was inactive for too long.
  • Removed shared folder/file. The file owner can remove their files as they wish; meanwhile, the shared files will be invisible to you.
  • Sync issue. Factors like Onedrive software versions, filename length, permissions, and other factors could affect file synchronization.
  • Deletion. Deleted documents will stay in the recycle bin, but after 30 days, they will be permanently removed.

How to achieve OneDrive document recovery?

Solutions introduced in this section are corresponding to the causes. Check which can solve your problem and help you restore Onedrive files and documents.

Quick fixes before trying to recover deleted Onedrive documents

Firstly, try some quick tricks to restore those lost OneDrive documents. If you are sure your docs were deleted, move on to Method 1 & 2.

Fix 1. See if your network is in good connection and condition.

You could try disconnecting it and then re-connect. Or, stop synchronizing and then restart it.

Fix 2. See if you have logged into the correct account.

If not, click the profile icon > Sign in with a different account > log in to the correct one.


Fix 3. Contact the owner to restore the shared doc.

If the shared docs were removed or deleted by the owner, you could contact the owner and regain access. Go to Shared > Shared with you > check the files.


If none of these quick fixes works to solve your OneDrive files missing issue, your OneDrive documents might have been deleted. Check the methods below to get them back.

Method 1. Restore Onedrive files and documents from OneDrive recycle bin

How to recover documents from OneDrive after deletion? There is an inbuilt recycle bin on the Onedrive website – helping users restore OneDrive files once they repent their deletion.

If you find deleted OneDrive files not in recycle bin, please seek help.

Step 1. Sign in to onedrive.live.com with your Microsoft account > Click Menu > Recycle bin.


Step 2. Select your deleted documents > Restore.


In this way, you could recover deleted documents from OneDrive easily.

Method 2. Perform Onedrive document recovery even after permanent deletion

As you may have known, the OneDrive trash bin only keeps your unwanted files for the utmost 30 days, making it hard for users to restore OneDrive files.

And not to mention that plenty of users will intentionally delete items from the trash bin to free up space/accidentally empty the Recycle Bin.

Thus, users now have to seek help to recover deleted OneDrive documents after permanent deletion.

Rest assured, with the help of an effective Windows data recovery app, OneDrive document recovery won’t be a difficult task. MyRecover is one of the best choices among the eligible Windows data recovery tools due to its efficient features.

Realize OneDrive document recovery without any difficulties
  • Recover deleted and missing files from HDD/SSD/thumb drive/memory card, etc.
  • Support 200+ types of data recovery, including Word documents, Excel sheets, other office files, photos, videos, etc.
  • Select data to restore while scanning, saving your time.
  • Support deleted data recovery with the original format/filename/directory kept.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 Service Pack 1 & Server.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run the software > select the source drive where deleted OneDrive files were stored > Start Scan.


Step 2. Use the filters: Size, Type, Date modified, etc., to target wanted files. If you can recall the filename, input the file name to search for it.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files > navigate to the Onedrive folder > select deleted documents > click Recover x files.


Thus, the problem of how to recover documents from OneDrive won’t bother you anymore.

Wrap things up

This article is about the detailed guide to OneDrive document recovery. Offering multiple fixes and methods, it helps you restore Onedrive files and documents in a breeze.

You could either look into the OneDrive recycle bin, try to contact the original owner of the file shared with you, or, turn to an easy and efficient Windows data recovery tool for help to save time.

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