How to See Deleted Tweets and Twitter Photos?

How to see deleted tweets and recover deleted Twitter photos? Use this post's methods to restore deleted files via professional data recovery software quickly.


By Lora / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Is there any way to recover deleted tweets?


I deleted about 3,000 tweets using third-party software, and I deeply regret it. All of my tweets from 2015-2020 are gone. I know this is my fault, and I should've thought it through, but I am desperate and need the Internet's help. Is there NO way to retrieve these? Nothing you post online is ever ACTUALLY gone (or so I think), so if anyone has any advice on how I could get these tweets back, please let me know.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms. Users can get the latest news and entertainment and communicate with friends. Have you ever accidentally deleted tweets? It could be a real pain if they are essential. You may lose some crucial images while deleting tweets.

You must be wondering how to see deleted tweets and recover deleted Twitter photos. Fortunately, there are some available ways to retrieve deleted tweets. This post will help you efficiently view deleted tweets and restore deleted Twitter photos/images.

How to see deleted tweets for free?

How to see deleted tweets? Users can easily download and access their Twitter archive, including accidentally deleted tweets, to view deleted tweets. There are three different ways to see deleted tweets. It’s possible to recover tweets you deleted weeks or months ago. You can choose one to restore deleted tweets and others.

Method 1. Recover deleted tweets via the Twitter archive

Using a Twitter archive can be a comprehensive way to view every tweet you’ve ever posted, which means you can get your deleted tweets from your Twitter account. You can download a copy of your Twitter archive by following the steps.

Step 1. Log in to your Twitter account.

Step 2. Click on “More” on the left sidebar. And then select “Settings and Support” > “Settings and Privacy”.


Step 3. On this page, click on “Your Account” > “Download an archive of your data”. Then Twitter will verify your account by asking you to input a password and send a code to your phone for confirmation.


Step 4. After you confirm to download the archive of your data, you will receive a mail from Twitter Team and get a ZIP file that contains all your tweets posted before.

Step 5. Open the folder and click on “index.html” with a web browser. And then, you can see all your deleted tweets in the same format as the Twitter web.

Tips: The mail will be valid for only 30 days, so please take action quickly to recover deleted Tweets. Within 30 days, you can’t make another downloading request. Besides, you have no access to tweets when opening the Html file.

Method 2. Find deleted tweets using the Wayback Machine

Compared with method 1, this method is easier to get the specific deleted tweet back. But it requires the URL of the deleted tweet or your Twitter page. If you have shared the deleted tweet with others before, it’s easy to get it via the WayBack Machine.    

The WayBack Machine, created by the Internet Archive, records the Internet and takes screenshots of web pages. It’s a free online tool to check the previous state of a specific page. You can’t access total tweets because the WayBack Machine couldn’t capture all screenshots. But it’s a workable method to see the deleted tweet from a deleted Twitter account. Follow the steps to find the screenshot of deleted Tweets.

Step 1. Go to the WayBack Machine and then type the URL of the Twitter page you want to view.

Step 2. Click “Browse History”. If the WayBack Machine has crawled it before, it will show the screenshots by date.

Step 3. Select the year and day of the deleted tweet page; then, you can view the deleted tweet.


Method 3. See deleted tweets with Google Cache

If the two methods above can’t help you recover deleted tweets, you can also view the deleted tweets via Google Cache. The problem of “how to see deleted tweets” can be solved in only two steps.

Step 1. Open your Chrome and search for your Twitter page on Google Search.

Step 2. Click the three-dot menu and select Cached.


Then you can see the cached page of the Twitter account. This method also can be used to find others’ deleted tweets. If you want this method to work, you need to ensure that you haven’t cleared your Google Cache.

How to recover deleted Twitter photos?

If you delete a tweet, the Twitter photos will be deleted together. Each tweet has a unique URL, and so do the images. If the tweet is deleted, the URL of the pictures still exists. So if you have shared the URL of the Twitter photos, you can open the link directly. Otherwise, you could only recover Twitter photos from your local storage devices.

If you still can’t find the photos on your local storage devices, the only way to recover Twitter photos is to use a third-party data recovery tool to restore deleted or lost Twitter photos. The professional data recovery software will scan local storage devices to find deleted files.

Considering scanning speed and recovery rate, it’s recommended to use MyRecover to recover deleted Twitter photos. MyRecover is a reliable data recovery program to restore deleted or lost files from hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, Cameras, etc. Currently, it supports data recovery on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server.

★Highlights of MyRecover
Recover the deleted Word documents, Excel, PPT, PDF, photos, videos, audio, folders, and other 200+ types of data.
Keep the recovered files' original paths, filenames, and format.
Perform data recovery during scanning.
Quickly locate the deleted files via the Search and Filter functions.
Support NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, and ReFS file systems.

Download MyRecover to recover deleted Twitter photos on your local storage devices.

Step 1. Launch MyRecover on your computer. Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. The software will scan the partition with a quick scan and deep scan. You can recover what you want during the scanning process.


Step 3. Go to the Deleted Files and Other Missing Files folders to find the recovered files. After you find the deleted Twitter photos, click “Recover xx files” to save them in another place.


FAQ about Twitter recovery

How to see someone’s deleted tweets?

If you want to see others’ deleted tweets, you can use methods 2 and 3 to dig into the Internet Archive via WayBack Machine or Google Cache.

How to recover deleted tweets on android?

There are no available ways to recover deleted tweets on Android. It would help if you had a computer copy download your Twitter archive. If you only want to find deleted Twitter photos, you can try to picture deleted photos via Google photos on your Android phone.

How to recover deleted Twitter accounts?

If you deleted your Twitter account, you could still recover it. If your Twitter account is still within 30 days of deactivation, Twitter will allow you to reactivate your Twitter account. After 30 days, the Twitter account will be permanently deleted, and you can’t recover it anymore.

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