How to Recover Deleted Photos from Lenovo Laptop

Accidentally delete photos from your Lenovo laptop? In this guide, you will know how to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop as well as a way to easily backup Windows photos to avoid data loss.


By Demi / Updated on May 9, 2024

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“How can I recover deleted photos from my Lenovo?”


I thought I was looking at individual pictures but was in the album view when I deleted a picture. And there went all of my camera shots. How can I get them back?

- Question from Lenovo Community

Are you in the same dilemma shown above? The photos on your Lenovo laptop are condensed with love and care and contain many family memories, which you cannot afford to lose them. However, tragedy just happens.

Lenovo Data Recovery

You may wonder where your deleted photos has gone and how to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop. Now, let’s track your deleted photos first.

How to find deleted history on Lenovo laptop
Generally speaking, the deleted photos will be placed in the Recycle Bin on your Lenovo laptop after deletion. Chances are that the deleted files are not in Recycle Bin due to oversize file, full Recycle Bin, emptied Recycle Bin, etc.

No matter whether you can find deleted history on Lenovo laptop Recycle Bin, keep reading to try the three methods to get deleted photos retrieved from Lenovo laptop.

Way 1. How to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop Recycle Bin

When you accidentally delete files from Lenovo laptop, the first place you should go is the Recycle Bin. As long as the deleted photos are within 30 days and your Lenovo laptop hasn’t wiped clean, chances are your deleted photos are still there.

Hence, follow the steps below to know how to recover deleted files from Lenovo laptop Recycle Bin.

Click the Recycle Bin icon on your Lenovo laptop > Search the photos you want to recover > Right-click the file and select the Restore option. After that, your photos will restore back to its original location.

Restore From Recycle Bin

If you cannot find deleted photos in Recycle Bin, this method cannot apply. Then, try the other two ways below.

Way 2. How to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop via Previous Version

If you have enabled System Restore Point or File History on your Lenovo laptop in advance, you can restore the previous version of files to recover deleted photos. Three simple steps will tell you how to recover deleted files on Lenovo laptop.

Step 1. Open Windows File Explorer on your laptop > Locate the folder which is used to save the deleted photos.

Locate Deleted Folder

Step 2. Right-click the folder > Choose Properties > Click Previous Version > Select the version which is exactly the one before you delete it, then click Restore.

Previous Version Restore

Step 3. Close the window, and your deleted photos should be back.

Way 3. How to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop by photo recovery tool

After permanent deletion, your chances of recovering deleted photos from Lenovo laptop will be reduced. What’s worse is that you may haven’t create backups to protect them.

How do you recover permanently deleted photos from Lenovo laptop without backup? One of the best image recovery software for Windows may help you get out of trouble.

The professional data recovery software AOME Data Recovery for Windows is equipped advanced scanning technology, supporting recovering photos in the format of JPG/JPEG/JPE, PNG, TIF/TIFF, HEVC/HEIC, GIF, and so on.


▶ Recover deleted or lost photos, videos, audios, emails, Word documents, PPT, PDF, and hundreds of other file types.

▶ Support for permanently deleted files recovery, formatted file recovery, and other data loss scenarios.

▶ Keep the original file path and name of deleted files.

▶ Works perfectly with NTFS/FAT/exFAT/ReFS in Windows 11/10/8/7 & Windows Server.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
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Step-by-step guide on how to restore permanently deleted files from Lenovo laptop.

Step 1. Open this tool, hover the mouse over the drive, and click Scan.

Select Drive

Step 2. It will automatically scan and find the deleted or lost photos, you can click each folder in the Scanned files list to browse data.


Step 3. Confirm and choose the listed files, tap the Recover x files button to get them back.

Select Files

Easily backup photos on Lenovo laptop to avoid data loss

Hope you are lucky enough to get lost photos back, and it’s time to take some measures to protect your data. The most reliable preparation to prevent data from unexpected loss is to backup files including photos on Lenovo laptop.

Here recommend a free file backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard, which provides full, incremental, and differential backup solutions for you to backup data on your Windows computer.

Three steps to backup Windows images with AOMEI Backupper
Step 1. Choose File Backup in the main interface of AOMEI Backupper.

File Backup

Step 2. Choose the files or folders which you want to backup by clicking Add Folder/Add File.

Add Folders Files

Step 3. Choose a backup destination as you like. External hard drive, NAS network location, or other locations as long as it can be detected by Windows. Finally, click Start Backup in the bottom right corner to start the process.

Start Backup


That’s all for how to recover deleted photos from Lenovo laptop. If you fail to recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin, you may spend more time getting photos retrieved from backup or using the data recovery software. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.

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