How to Retrieve Pictures Accidentally Deleted on iPhone &Windows

Sometimes, you may accidentally delete photos on iPhone or Windows, how to retrieve pictures accidentally deleted? This guide will give you the easiest way to get deleted photos back.


By Lora / Updated on March 29, 2024

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Digital photos occupy a large part of many people's lives. Unfortunately, they can be lost due to many reasons. For example, you may have accidentally pressed the delete all button on your phone or computer.

If you ever backed up your photos, you can easily get back your deleted photos from the backup. If not, there’s also no need to panic or despair. We give you a guide on how to retrieve pictures accidentally deleted from iPhone or computer without any backup.

recover deleted photos iphone windows

Note: As soon as you suspect that you have accidentally deleted photos, stop using the affected storage device immediately, such as SD card, USB flash drive. Using this device may overwrite storage locations containing deleted files. Once they are overwritten, they can never be recovered.

How to recover deleted photos on iPhone without backup

In fact, if you've deleted a photo on your iPhone or iPad, there's a "Recently Deleted" folder in the Albums section of the Photos app. This will keep deleted photos and videos for up to 30 days, so as long as that time limit isn't exceeded, you can choose what you want and restore them.

However, if you can't find the photos you want in the "Recently Deleted" folder, it means they have been permanently deleted from your iPhone.

In this case, using a third-party iOS data recovery software is the best option to help you retrieve accidentally deleted photos from iPhone. Here, AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS is recommended to you.

Some prominent features of this tool:

☂ All-inclusive data: It can recover photos, videos, contacts, call logs, voice memos, notes, reminders, calendar, and safari bookmarks.
☂ Phone app data recovery: It can retrieve lost or deleted data in some applications, such as recovering WeChat history, photos, videos, and audios, WhatsApp messages, app documents, etc.
☂ Preview and select: It allows you to preview and choose desired photos, videos, notes and other iPhone data before saving.
☂ Wide compatibility: It supports to recover data from all iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch models, so it is perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 16/15.
☂ Export data to computer: It also can export and save recovered phone data such as chats, images, audio, video or other types of files to a computer for backup or data transfer.

Now, download this tool and follow the steps below to know how to get back photos accidentally deleted on iPhone or iPad.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
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Step 1. Run AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS on your computer > connect your iPhone to the computer > tap Trust on your iPhone.

connect ios device

Step 2. It will automatically detect your iPhone > click Scan Now to start the scanning process.

start scan now

Step 3. All iPhone data found will be listed on the left panel > click Photos icon > choose the deleted photos you want > click Recover to restore deleted pictures.

click recover

How to recover permanently deleted photos on Windows 10/11/8/7 PC

Likewise, if you have completely deleted important photos from your computer and have no backup, you can easily recover permanently deleted photos with professional Windows data recovery software.

MyRecover is a flexible and easy-to-use data recovery tool that can perform deleted or lost photo recovery in just a few clicks. It allows you to recover deleted or lost photos of various file formats like JPG/JPEG/JPE, PNG, TIF/TIFF, HEVC/HEIC/HEIF, GIF, PSD, SVG, ARW, X3F, etc.

It supports to recover photos from SD card, USB flash drive, HDD, SSD, and any other storage devices. Besides, it can restore various types of files on your computer, such as documents, audios, emails, videos, voices, Zip files, and more.

It is widely compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7 operating systems and supports multiple Windows file systems, including NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS. Download it on your computer to see how it works.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
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Step 1. Launch MyRecover > Hover the mouse over the drive and click Scan to scan.

select the formatted partition to scan

Step 2. It will automatically search all lost data on this disk > you can choose the photos you want to recover if you find them > select another disk as storage destination > tap on Recover x files.

select files to recover from formatted partition

Bonus tips to avoid photo/image/picture loss

While it's a great thing to have lots of ways to recover deleted pictures from any devices. But no recovery method is 100% perfect, and despite your best efforts, deleted photos may not be recovered.

Therefore, preventing problems before they happen is the best way to protect your data. Taking some simple and common sense precautions can help you avoid the stress of losing your images.

Here are some tips to help you avoid photo data loss.

💿 Back up- The importance of regularly backing up your photos cannot be overstated. Whether on an iPhone or Windows PC, creating a backup copy is an accepted best practice you should follow. You can regularly transfer iPhone photos to PC  for backup. For Photos on Windows, you can create automatic backups for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.
👾 Avoid viruses and malware-Virus or malware infection can cause unexpected data loss. To minimize the risk of infecting your storage device, you can always have an updated antivirus program installed on your computer.
🔨 Take care of physical storage devices-Users whose devices have been physically damaged may not be able to recover lost photos using any of the methods. So, take care of your iPhone and computer.
☁️ Automatically upload photos to the cloud-Many mobile devices can instantly send your digital photos to the cloud. This provides backup of deleted photos beyond your device and eliminates the need to manually copy data. Services like Google Photos and iCloud make it easy to store your photos securely in the cloud.
❓ Think twice before deleting files-Sometimes pressing the wrong key or formatting an important partition can lead to irreversible consequences. So, think twice before hitting that delete key and make sure you really want to do it. Taking a few seconds to validate your work can save you a lot of time recovering from mistakes.


That’s all for how to retrieve pictures accidentally deleted from iPhone or computer. No matter what type of device you use to store photos, once you delete or lose photos, you should first consider taking steps to perform photo recovery. For better and faster photo recovery, using professional data recovery software may be the best way.

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