[5 Ways] How to Restore Videos from Google Drive Easily

Want to know how to restore videos from Google Drive? There are 5 useful methods on this page to help you.


By Zoey / Updated on July 28, 2022

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How do I restore my photos and videos from Google Drive?

“I have saved my photos and videos on Google Drive and after I deleted them, how do I restore them from Google Drive?”

“My phone apparently saves backups of photos, videos, etc. to Google Drive. When I was having issues with the Google Drive app, I accidentally deleted the user data for the app. Now I am missing about two months’ worth of videos and photos. I would like to restore photos and videos stored on that backup in Google Drive.”

Maybe you also saved your photos and videos on Google Drive, and accidentally deleted them or lose them due to other situations. Then you may want to know how to restore videos from Google Drive. Please continue reading to get 5 useful ways to recover deleted Google Drive files.

How to restore videos from Google Drive: 5 ways

How to recover deleted videos from Google Drive? There are 5 different solutions and you can choose the most suitable one to solve the Google Drive files missing issue according to the situation you met.

Way 1. Recover videos from Google Drive Trash

How to retrieve deleted videos from Google Drive? The first method is to recover them from Google Drive Trash. If your videos were deleted within 30 days, then you are likely to find them in Trash.

1. Go to the Google Drive website to log into your account.

2. Choose the Trash option on the left menu list. Locate your lost video and right-click on it to select Restore.

Trash Select FIles Click Restore

However, Trash in Google Drive will only keep your deleted files for 30 days. If you cannot find your videos, you can try file recovery software to get them back.

Trash For My Drive 30 Days Limit

Way 2. Recover videos from local Google Drive disk

Once you install the Google Drive desktop app on your PC, there will be a local Google Drive virtual disk appearing on your computer. It will sync the specific folders you configured when setting up. So you can go to this local Google Drive disk to search for your videos.

1. Launch the Google Drive for desktop, and go to the local Google Drive disk location.

2. You can find your videos by viewing the large icons or directly type the filename in the search box to find your videos quickly.

Select Google Drive Folder

Way 3. Recover videos in Activity Panel

Activity in Google Drive always records your operations like editing, sharing, deleting, adding, etc. If your Google Drive Trash has not been cleaned, you can go to the Activity Panel and see if your videos are there. So it is advisable for you to make backups of your Google Drive files.

1. Go to the Google Drive page and click on My Drive, and then press the info icon.

2. On the info pop-up window, choose Activity. Then you can see if your videos are here.

My Drive Activity

Way 4. Recover videos by asking for help from Google Drive Support

However, maybe your videos are permanently deleted. So how to recover permanently deleted videos from Google Drive? If the solutions above cannot get your videos back, then you can contact Google Drive Support to ask for help to recover your videos from Google Drive. Follow the steps to contact Google Drive Support:

1. Go to the Google Drive Help site, and log into your account.

2. Type your information and check the option “I consent to allow Google to attempt to recover files...”. And press Submit to send your request.

Consent And Submit

2. Please wait for the reply patiently and Google Drive will reply to you in 12-48 hours.

Reply From Google Drive Support

Way 5. Recover Google Drive videos with an easy recovery tool

How to restore deleted videos from Google Drive? The ultimate solution is to use an easy recovery tool like MyRecover.

With such a simple recovery tool, you can recover your videos and many other types of data easily. And it has many shining features:

Recover files from external hard drive/USB flash drive/SD card, etc.
● Compatible perfectly with Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server.
● Support recovery in most mainstream file systems including NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS.
● More than 200 types of files are supported to restore, like photos, videos, emails, webpages, Word files, Excel files, etc.

If you want to restore videos from Google Drive directly and easily, download this software and follow the steps below:

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. First, click the partition or disk where your Google Drive videos are lost. And click Start Scan to let it be scanned.

Select Location To Scan

2. Then you can see your deleted videos and other missing files after Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically. You can type your filename in the search box or use the Filter function to find your video files quickly.

Scanning Drive

3. After checking the scanning result. Select a new location to store your recovered video files. After that, click on the Recover X files button to restore your Google Drive video files.

Recover Download Folder

Wrapping things up

How to restore videos from Google Drive? You may have found a suitable solution already. If you want a solution to different situations, a professional data recovery tool may be the best choice. It can help you to recover permanently deleted photos and videos from Google Drive with just a few clicks for free.

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