Solve GoPro SD Card Error and Recover Your Files Quickly

Meet GoPro SD card error? Do not panic, read more to know how to fix it and get backup your data from SD card in a professional way.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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A common challenge across various GoPro camera models, even the latest GoPro Hero, is encountering the "GoPro SD card error" dilemma. This predicament frequently results in the loss of access to stored videos and photos on your SD card.

Moreover, it restricts the ability to capture and save new media, which proves troublesome when you're on the go without an extra card in hand. Instead of hastily reformatting your SD card and relinquishing your valuable content, explore fixes to GoPro SD card errors and GoPro file recovery in this article.

GoPro Camera

Decode the GoPro SD Card Error Message

If you meet a GoPro SD card when recording SD ERR, SD Card error, or NO SD, it signifies a failure in the SD card's interaction with the camera. This issue can arise due to improper memory card formatting or inserting a non-functional SD card into the camera.

A recommended practice is to format the SD card before using it with your GoPro for the first time, ensuring synchronization between the card and the camera. This reduces the possibility of encountering SD card errors on your GoPro camera. Additionally, opt for compatible SD cards such as SanDisk Extreme PRO, Samsung EVO memory cards, or Lexar memory cards, as these are endorsed choices for GoPro cameras.

Our strategies for GoPro SD card data recovery and error resolution are tailored for all GoPro camera models and compatible SD cards. Thus, you can find a suitable method for your GoPro SD card fixing.

Retrieve Files From a GoPro SD Card with Errors

Addressing the “SD Error” issue on GoPro cameras often requires a complete format. As a precaution against data loss and to safeguard your files, initiating a data recovery process is advisable. Numerous Sd card data recovery applications are accessible online, offering support for file backup.

Notably, MyRecover, powered by AOMEI Tech, is a widely used tool for recovering deleted photos and videos from SD cards.

Key Features of MyRecover:

  • Efficiently recovers a variety of file types from different storage devices.
  • Implements Quick Scan & Deep Scan methods for comprehensive file search.
  • Retains original filenames, paths, and formats for recovered files.
  • Offers compatibility with NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Server PC.
Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
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Follow the simple steps here to recover files from any GoPro SD card with errors:

Step 1: Connect your GoPro camera SD card to your Windows computer and launch MyRecover, then hover the mouse over the drive, and click Scan.

Select USB to Scan

Step 2: MyRecover will automatically scan the chosen GoPro camera SD card, identifying recoverable files. You can filter specific files based on Document Type, Name, Path, or Date.

Scanning USB

Step 3: Under any category, select desired photos/videos and click "Recover x files."

Select Lost Images to Recover from USB


  • Upon recovery, it is recommended to store your retrieved files in an alternative location rather than the original GoPro camera SD card.
  • For single video or picture recovery within a 30 MB limit, MyRecover offers this service without charge.
  • If you require the retrieval of a substantial number of deleted files from SD cards or other local hard drives, upgrading to MyRecover's extended features becomes a viable and cost-effective solution.

Solve GoPro SD Card Errors

Once your files are recovered from the memory card, you can proceed to address GoPro memory card errors. Note that resolving these errors might necessitate formatting the drive, resulting in data loss.

Using CHKDSK to Repair Corrupted GoPro SD Cards

CHKDSK, an integrated Windows tool, scans file systems (NTFS, FAT32, exFAT) for corrupted SD cards and rectifies issues. It also diagnoses memory cards that encountered errors after formatting. You can employ CHKDSK to scan and repair your SD card. You can access CHKDSK through PC's File Explorer or the command prompt.

To run CHKDSK in File Explorer:

1. Insert the SD card into your computer and open File Explorer. Right-click the SD card under This PC and select Properties.

2. Navigate to the Tools tab within the Properties window. Under Error checking, click Check to scan for resolvable errors.

Properties Tools Check

3. If no error is detected, you'll be informed, but you can proceed with the scan by selecting Scan and repair drive.

Do You Want to Scan and Fix USB

4. A pop-up notification will signal completion. If the scan succeeds, you can view details on repaired errors. In cases where the SD card is write-protected, using CHKDSK in the command prompt is recommended.

To use CHKDSK in Command Prompt:

1. Access Start, search for "cmd" or "command prompt," and run as administrator.

Run Asd Administrator

2. In the command prompt, type "chkdsk" and press Enter to initiate the scan. No repairs will occur yet.

3. Default scanning applies to the C drive. For other drives, type "chkdsk [drive letter]:" (e.g., "chkdsk D:") to scan.


GoPro SD Card Formatting via Windows Tools

Complete formatting of your GoPro SD card can eliminate bad sectors and minimize the risk of future video corruption. However, note that formatting SD card will delete everything, so ensure you've backed up your files beforehand.

To format your memory card, follow the tutorial here:

1. Insert the GoPro SD Card into your PC and launch Windows Explorer.

2. Locate your SD card under Devices and drives. Right-click and select Format.

Format in File Explorer

3. Choose the appropriate file system for your SD card. For a comprehensive format, uncheck Quick Format to allow Windows to erase data and scan for bad sectors. Click Start and await completion.

Start SD Card Format

GoPro-Initiated SD Card Formatting

As previously mentioned, inserting a new memory card into your GoPro camera necessitates formatting to optimize block size for GoPro's read and write functions.

You can also format an SD Card in your GoPro:

1. Swipe down on the GoPro screen to access the camera panel.

2. Swipe left until Preferences is visible, then tap it.

3. Scroll down and tap Reset.

4. Opt for Format SD Card, and wait briefly for the process to finalize. Note that this action deletes all files from the SD card.

FAQs about GoPro SD Card Error

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