DLL Files Automatically Deleted: How to Stop it and Recover Files

DLL files automatically deleted on Windows 10, 8, or 7? Detailed tutorials on stopping auto deletion for cracked DLL files and restoring removed DLL files will be introduced in this post.


By Kelsey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Why do DLL files be deleted automatically?

DLL, in full Dynamic Link Library, is a type of file that contains a set of instruction codes and data to carry out a specific function for an application in Windows operating systems. In Windows, many applications are not complete executable files, they are divided into some relatively independent dynamic link libraries, namely DLL files, which are placed in the system. When we execute a program, the corresponding DLL file will be called. An application can have multiple DLL files, and a DLL file may also be shared by several applications.

DLL files are important, but why are DLL files automatically deleted? This is because cracked DLL files may have a virus package in them or they are mistakenly marked as an attack by antivirus software on your computer. How to stop DLL files being deleted automatically on Windows 10/8/7? How to restore missing DLL files? Here comes a complete guide.

DLL Files Automatically Deleted

Part 1. How to stop DLL files automatically deleted on Windows

To prevent DLL files deleted automatically on Windows 10, 8, and 7, here we list three proven solutions for you.

Way 1. Add exclusions for DLL files on Windows Defender

Windows Defender, a Windows integrated antivirus utility, protects the system from viruses, malware, and other threats, but it sometimes treats certain safe files as threats and automatically deletes files without your confirmation.

How to stop Windows Defender from deleting crack files? You can proceed with the steps below to add exclusions and stop DLL files keeping disappearing on Windows.

Step 1. Open the Windows Security center by searching the start menu for Security, and then selecting Windows Security. Choose Virus & threat protection.

Windows Security Virus And Threat Protection

Step 2. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings.

Manage Settings

Step 3. Click Add or remove exclusions under Exclusions.

Add Or Remove Exclusions

Step 4. Tap on Add an exclusion > select File types > enter the DLL extension > click Add. You can also stop exe files getting deleted automatically on Windows 10 by adding an extension.

Add An Exclusion

Way 2. Turn off antivirus software

If you are not using Windows Defender but using a third-party antivirus tool, you can disable your antivirus software to prevent Windows 10 files automatically deleted. It should be noted that if you cannot ensure that these DLL files are completely safe, turning off antivirus software may cause the computer system to become infected.

Way 3. Stop Windows auto deleting files by disabling Storage Sense

In addition to the reason for deleting by antivirus software, my files are getting deleted automatically on Windows 10 can be caused by Storage Sense.

Storage Sense is a Windows storage management tool that monitors old and unused files on your computer and periodically deletes data. It would automatically remove files in the three locations: temporary files, files in Recycle Bin, and downloaded files in the Downloads folder. You can arrest Storage Sense for deleting files without asking by deactivating it or changing its default settings.

Step 1. Go to Start > Settings > System > Storage.

Step 2. Flip the switch under Storage Sense to turn it off.

Step 3. If you don't want to deactivate this feature directly, click on the Configure Storage Sense and run it now button.

Storage Configure Storage Sense

Step 4. Open the drop-down menu under Delete files in my recycle bin if they have been there for over and Delete files in my Downloads folder if they haven't been opened for more than to select Never for both of them.

Storage Sense Delete Files In My Downloads Folder

Part 2. How to recover deleted DLL files with ease

DLL files automatically deleted may result in programs not running properly, so how to retrieve the deleted files? It is not wise to download directly from the Internet, since individual DLL files downloaded from the Internet are usually not approved official files and they often carry viruses that can easily cause system infections. You could get back deleted DLL files with the following two methods.

Way 1. Restored deleted DLL files from Recycle Bin

Usually, Windows deleted files are temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin. If you have not emptied it, you can recover deleted Windows files from Recycle Bin with this procedure.

Step 1. Double-click the Recycle Bin on the desktop to open it.

Step 2. Locate the files you wish to restore. Right-click it and select Restore.

Restore DLL File From Recycle Bin

Way 2. Recover permanently deleted DLL files with file recovery software

If the deleted DLL files are not saved in Recycle Bin, don’t panic. MyRecover is a professional solution for dealing with various data loss problems. Apart from retrieving DLL files, it allows you to recover permanently deleted photos, videos, emails, documents, and more with ease.

This utility supports you to recover files from Windows, Recycle Bin, SD cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and so on.


▶ Easy data recovery steps for anyone, including novices.
▶ Quickly and securely scan for deleted or lost files, then recover files as needed.
▶ Support preserving original file names/formats/directories while recovering files.
Recover data from disk formatting, system crash, deletion, virus invasion, etc. data loss scenarios.
▶ Work perfectly on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Servers.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
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Step 1. Install and run MyRecover on your computer. Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted DLL files before, and click Scan.

Select Location To Scan

Step 2. The software starts to find deleted files and missing files in this partition. You can input “dll” in the upper-right search box to find all lost DLL files or search for a name to find the one you want.

Search For DLL

Step 3. Select the wanted files and tap Recover xx files to retrieve DLL files automatically deleted to a safe location.

Select DLLFiles Click Recover


This article describes how to solve DLL files automatically deleted on Windows and offers two ways to get back deleted DLL files safely.

In most cases, DLL files are automatically deleted due to anti-virus software. You can disable such tools on your computer to prevent auto deletion. For deleted file recovery, if there is no wanted data in the Recycle Bin, you can use MyRecover to retrieve permanently files without a hitch.

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