3 Best Ways to Recover CHK files to original format

This article will show you the 3 best ways recover CHK files. After reading, you can choose the easiest solution for your CHK file recovery.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How can I recover CHK files for free?

“I removed a jump drive before it was ready and now only have access to a small number of the original files. Now there is a folder on the drive labeled FOUND.000 that appears to have the rest of the files, but they are all labeled FILE0000.CHK, FILE0001.CHK, etc. The original files were in many formats, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, etc. I'm hopeful that I can recover CHK files to original format, and appreciate any advice the community can offer!”

CHK files are fragments of corrupted files with the .chk file extension on Windows PCs. They are often created by Windows operating systems due to running CHKDSK or Scandisk utility when file transfer interruption, storage device corruption, virus attack, incorrect manual operation, running CHKDSK or Scandisk utility and more. All the CHK files are saved in a folder named FOUND.000 in Windows systems.

Chk Files

If there is a problem with your device, the CHK file will be saved in the FOUND.000 folder. If you want to get CHK back, how to recover CHK files for free? In conclusion, you can recover your files with the best data recovery software, use a simple CHK files recovery tool, or change the extension of CHK files. Which one is the best way to recover CHK files? After reading, you will have your own answer.

3 best ways to recover CHK files

To recover CHK files from FOUND.000 folder, here we will introduce 4 different useful solutions to you. They will help you to recover deleted files for free. Please keep reading to get more information and detailed steps.

Way 1. Change the extension of CHK files with CMD

To recover CHK files to the original files, CMD can help you to change the extension of CHK files. Then how to recover CHK files using CMD? It requires you to be experienced in using command lines. And here are the guideline to recover files using CMD:

1. Locate Command Prompt in the Windows menu and run it as administrator.

2. Input cd/ and press the Enter key to change the root directory.

3. Then input the drive letter where your CHK files are located and type cd Found.000.

4. Next, input ren *.chk *.jpg to change the extension to the original extension. You can replace jpg with any file type like .png, .mp3, .doc, and more.

Change Chk Files With Cmd

Way 2. Convert the extension of CHK files to the origin extension

If you feel it is too difficult to use CMD, you can manually convert the extension of CHK files to the original extension. Go ahead following the steps below.

1. Create a .txt file on your PC, and open it to type ren .chk .jpg, and save it. You can replace jpg with any original file extension.

2. Then convert the .txt suffix to .bat. And move it to the FOUND.000 folder.

3. Double-click on it to run the .bat file. Then CHK file will be converted to a .jpg file or other types of files. Then you can go to the FOUND.000 folder to use the recovered files.

Manually Change File Extension

Way 3. Use UnCHK t recover CHK files

UnCHK is a free CHK file recovery free software. You can try it if your files are not corrupted seriously. If you want to recover deleted files directly, please consider using the professional data recovery software in the later part. And here are the steps to use UnCHK:

1. Download and install the UnCHK software on your computer and run it.

2. Choose the directory where CHK files are in and choose a destination directory.

3. You’d better choose the Whole files option to scan and click on OK.

Use Unchk

Tip: How to recover your original files directly

If your CHK files are missing or deleted, or you need an easier way to recover your original files, a professional file recovery tool like AOMEI Data Recovery for Windows is your best choice.

MyRecover can help you to recover any other type of file from different situations like accidental deletion, improper formation, system crashes, etc.

It is quite advisable for you to use such an easy file rescue tool to recover deleted files on Windows. Compared with other ways to recover files, MyRecover has many advantages:

● User-friendly: Provide an intuitive graphical user interface and simple 3-step operation.
● Compatibility: All Windows operating systems are supported including Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server.
● Efficiency: High recovery rate and high recovery speed.
● Flexibility: More than 200 types of files are supported to be recovered like photos, videos, audios, compressed files, Word files, Excel files, and so on.
● Functionality: Retrieve files from all kinds of storage devices like SSD/HDD/USB/SD card..

To recover your deleted or lost files, just click on the Download Software button and refer to the easy-to-follow guideline here:

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. In MyRecover, hover the mouse over the partition or disk where your files are lost. Then, click Scan to let it be scanned.

Select Location To Scan

2. You are able to see your all deleted files and other missing files after Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically. Or, you can type the filename in the search box or use the Filter feature to find your files quickly.

Scanning Drive

3. Next, check the scanning result in the Deleted files or Other missing files folder. Choose a new location to store your recovered files. At last, click on the Recover X files button to recover your files.

Recover Download Folder

Wrapping things up

We prepared 3 different ways to recover CHK files. You can choose any one of them to recover your CHK files to the normal state efficiently. If you cannot recover your files by CHK files or want an easier recovery method, please use the professional data recovery tool for directly restoring files. It can help you to recover all types of files from different cloud storage with a few clicks.

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