Why Do You Delete Duplicate & Similar Photos?

  • Free Up iPhone Storage

    You may always tap shutter several time when taking photos with iPhone. Then your iPhone space would run out soon because of too many duplicate photos. Deleting these redundant images is an effectively way to free up iPhone storage.

  • Organize iPhone Image

    It is messy to manage/view/ edit endless iPhone/iPad photos that all look the same or similar. In this condition, removing duplicate and similar photos can be an important step to declutter and organize your Photo library/folder.

What Make FoneTool The Best?

Quick and Accuracy

This is the fastest way to find duplicate similar photos with great accuracy. It works perfectly on finding any photos appearing twice or more time, even when edited.

High Compatibility

It identifies and delete duplicate photos from iPhone/iPad/PC local storage/USB drive/SD card. And it supports all common image formats, including HEIC/PNG/JPEG/JPG.

Large-Scale Deduplication

FoneTool does well in finding and deleting duplicate photos in bulk. So, if you want to find out duplicate photos from thousands of more photos, it is the best choice.

Ease of Use

With easy-to-use interface, deleting similar images in bulk is as easy as it can be. Just one click, you can find out every duplicate and alike photo on your iPhone/iPad.

3 Steps: Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone

Step 1.

Run FoneTool and click “Photo Deduplication”.

Step 2.

Set a filter range and scan the device.

Step 3.

Delete the duplicate photos or migrate them to another location.

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