What is JPG?

JPG files are introduced in 1992 to store digital images with a method of lossy compression. It is the most widely used digital image format around the world. On Android and iPhone (before iOS 11), photos are saved as JPG files.
Why are your photos saved as HEIC files instead of JPG files? Apple announces that pictures taken by iPhone camera would be saved as HEIC files after iOS 11 because HEIC files save the same high-quality images but take less storage.

Why You Need to Convert HEIC to JPG?

View HEIC Photos on Windows PC

Both HEIC images and JPG/JPEG images can be viewed on iPhone without efforts yet HEIC files are not supported in Windows system.

Edit HEIC Photos in Windows Program

Your raw photos might need to be edited in Photoshop or other software but even the popular photo editing software can’t open HEIC files.

Transfer Readable Images to Android

HEIC photos exported from iPhone could be easily copied from PC to the internal storage of Android, but they cannot be viewed or edit.

Upload HEIC Photos to Clouds

You may get recognize error when uploading HEIC format images to clouds since it cannot be recognized by some websites and cloud drives.

Easily Convert HEIC to JPG on PC for Free

Quickly Convert HEIC Files

Convert iPhone HEIC images to JPG or JPEG in a very short time on Windows 11/10/8/7.

Batch Convert HEIC to JPG

Batch convert Apple images or photos from HEIC format to JPG or JPEG in 1-click on PC.

Simple HEIC to JPG Solution

Provides easy-to-use HEIC photo convert interface that makes the conversion completed in a few clicks.

Lossless HEIC Converter

Flexible HEIC converting options help you retain image quality as well as photo details property.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on PC?

  • In FoneTool, click HEIC Converter.
  • Add HEIC photos and select JPG or JPEG format.
  • Click Start Converting.

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