Top 6 Fixes to iPhone Cannot Be Synced Error 54

Have the problem that iPhone cannot be synced for iTunes error 54? This guide will tell you why this error happens and how you can fix it.


By Dylan / Updated on June 17, 2024

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iPhone cannot be synced error 54

I was using iTunes to sync song albums to my iPhone until it said the iPhone cannot be synced and an unknown error occurred (-54). I don’t know what’s going on. Someone could tell me how can I fix it?

- Question from Apple User

iTunes Error 54

Transferring files from PC to iPhone is not so easy as you transfer files to an Android phone. If you want to do it in Apple’s way, you could only sync files from PC to iPhone with iTunes. Because the rule of iOS, sometimes you might have problems when syncing iPhone. One of the problems is “An unknown error occurred (-54)” and then you cannot sync iPhone. This could be annoying because Apple has given its only way for you to transfer files from computer iPhone but it seems corrupt. This problem often happens on Windows 10, but Microsoft does nothing to solve it.

When issues arise, you could also have the solutions. The following content would tell you why the error 54 happens and how to fix it. Your files should always be successfully synced.

Why iPhone cannot be synced and what’s iTunes error 54?

Technically, the file security would be the reason if you make sure the connection is good. Apple always keeps the files on iPhone complete and safe, so if iTunes find that some files could be incomplete or unsecure, iTunes would stop transferring data and report error. Therefore, every time you sync iPhone with iTunes, you should always keep the folder clean. Do not add unnecessary files to it.

Folder of Songs

Solution 1: Consolidate media files

If you are syncing media files with iTunes, iTunes error 54 might happen for the location of the files could be unclear. Your purchased content might be saved in different folder on PC. The media files you are preparing to sync could be just the shortcuts.

To consolidate media files, you should go to File > Library > Consolidate Files.

iTunes Consolidate Files

Consolidating media files could gather all the iTunes contents to one folder. You could go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced to see the location. Don’t worry about that the original files would be deleted because iTunes would just copy the files to the destination. To save the space on computer, you might need to delete some files after syncing. You could also backup iTunes library after consolidating media files.

Solution 2: Update iTunes to the latest version

Your iTunes should be up to date to avoid system glitches. If you downloaded iTunes from Microsoft Store, it would check update by itself every time you launch iTunes. If you downloaded iTunes from Apple Support, you need to check update by yourself.

To update iTunes, you should go to Help > Check for Updates.

iTunes Check For Updates

Solution 3: Grant permission to iTunes

If iTunes doesn’t have the permission to read the folder, your iPhone cannot be synced and error would happen. There are two ways to grand permission to iTunes.

First, you should unlock the folder or files. Find the folder or files you want to sync > right-click it > select Properties > select Compatibility > uncheck Read Only.

Uncheck Read Only

Then, you need to grand the administrator rights to iTunes. Right-click iTunes and select Run as administrator.

Run As Admin

Solution 4: Delete and then download iTunes content again

If all the contents you want to sync are the purchased content from iTunes, you could re-download them to solve syncing error 54. Make sure you have signed in your Apple ID and follow the steps:

Go to account > Purchased (or family purchased) to select and download the music and movies you have purchased.

After that, you should try sync your iPhone again.

iTunes Purchased

Solution 5: Delete and then import iTunes content again

If you want to sync the music or movies from other sources, you should reimport these files to iTunes because they might have been modified.

Go to File > Add File to Library (or Add Folder to Library) or just simply drag the folder to iTunes.

Add File to Library

Solution 6: Sync a small number of files every time

If there are just one or two songs stop you to sync iPhone, you should sync several files at a time to see whether error 54 happens. If there is no error, you should add more files and then sync iPhone with iTunes again until you sync all the files to iPhone or find the bad files.

Use alternative to avoid iphone 54 or other errors

iTunes has too many limitations. If you want to freely transfer music or movies to from old iPhone to new iPhone without downloading them again, you should use another professional tool.

FoneTool is a free iPhone backup software. It could help you transfer all the media files or part of selected items to another device without errors.

  • Preview all the songs and videos on iPhone and select the wanted ones

  • Transfer songs and videos to another iPhone including iPhone 4s/5/5s/6/6s/6 plus/6s plus/SE/7/7 plus/8/8 plus/X/XS/XR/11/12/13/14/15

  • Support transferring data to iPad and iPod Touch

  • Support the latest iOS 16/17

Step 1: Download FoneTool for free. Connect old iPhone to computer with USB cable and tap “Trust” on it.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 2: Click Phone Backup and go to Selective Backup. Click the icon of Music or Videos to preview and select the media files. After that, click OK to return to the home screen.

Select Files

Step 3: Click Start Backup on the home screen. Disconnect old iPhone and then connect the new iPhone to FoneTool.

Click Start Backup

Step 4: Go to My Backups > Click the three-dots icon and select Restore to add files to the target device.

Restore to Device


When you sync files from iTunes to iPhone, you might have the problem that iPhone cannot be synced and an unknown error occurred (-54). This could be caused by that iTunes cannot read the complete files. You should follow the solutions above to solve it.

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FAQs about the iPhone sync error 54

How can I prevent iPhone sync error 54 from happening again?

  • Regularly update both your iPhone and iTunes/Finder software, maintain a stable and secure connection between your iPhone and computer, avoid interrupting the syncing process, and regularly check for corrupted media files on your device.

Does iCloud syncing encounter error 54?

  • iPhone sync error 54 primarily affects syncing with iTunes or Finder on your computer and doesn't usually impact iCloud syncing directly. However, if there are underlying issues with your device or network connectivity, it could indirectly affect iCloud syncing.

Is iPhone sync error 54 a hardware issue?

  • No, iPhone sync error 54 is typically a software-related issue and not a hardware problem. It's usually caused by software conflicts, corrupted files, or connectivity issues between your iPhone and computer.

Should I contact Apple Support for help with iPhone sync error 54?

  • If you've tried troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing iPhone sync error 54, it's advisable to contact Apple Support for further assistance. They can provide personalized support and guidance based on your specific situation.
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