By Dylan / Last update April 7, 2020

Need to backup iPhone to computer over WiFi?

You should take care of your iPhone because data is so important at present and it’s threatened by too many possible causes, including the damage of hardware and software. You might have many delicate photos on your iPhone or the important contacts and messages you need for some reason. You would like to save them forever. Losing any of them could be disappointing.

Saving everything on iPhone is not absolutely secure. Apple’s products could make users freak out, too. Many users reported that they lost photos after upgrading iOS 13, so you’d better backup iPhone to computer before getting iPhone up to date.

If you prefer a way to backup iPhone to computer via WiFi, the following content would help you know more about that.


Method 1. Use iTunes to backup iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi

iTunes is usually used for purchasing and managing music and videos. It also could be used to backup or sync iPhone over the air, but you have to connect iPhone to computer with USB cable at least once to enable the feature. Then, when your iPhone and computer are connected to the same WiFi, your iPhone would be recognized by iTunes over the air. You should do the following steps:

  • Step 1. Download and launch iTunes. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

  • Step 2. Click the phone-shape icon in the upper-left corner to view the Summary of your iPhone.

  • Step 3. Scroll down the pane and check Sync this iPhone over Wi-Fi. Click Apply at the bottom.

Now, you could disconnect iPhone from computer and make sure you have connected both devices to the same WiFi. Go to Summary following the same steps above to interact with iPhone wirelessly.

iTunes Sync Over Wifi

Method 2. Automatically backup iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi

If you want your iPhone to automatically backup itself, you need a more professional tool. The newest iMazing client has a menu bar app called iMazing Mini. It works like iTunes and requires the devices connected to the same WiFi, but compared to iTunes, it gives more options. For example, you could schedule your backup or let iMazing automatically backup your iPhone. You could choose the location where to store your backup so it won’t fill your C Drive like iTunes. To automatically backup iPhone to computer over WiFi, you should do:

  • Step 1. Download and launch iMazing. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

  • Step 2. Select Automatically Backups. Decide where to store your backup and click Done.

iMazing Options

Method 3. Automatically backup iPhone over Wi-Fi with iCloud

If you would like to enable automatic backup on iPhone immediately, you could turn to iCloud in iPhone Settings. iCloud would automatically backup iPhone over WiFi every night, but it requires iPhone to be connected to power and the screen should be locked. You should know that there is just 5GB of free iCloud storage. If you were told that iPhone backup failed for not enough space in iCloud, you might need to clear data in iCloud or reduce iCloud backup content.

Backup iPhone on iCloud

Tips: To enable automatic backup on iPhone, you should connect iPhone to WiFi and then go to iPhone Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Backups to enable iCloud Backup. Please remember the conditions mentioned above to make sure automatically backup is successfully triggered. If you meet with a problem when enabling iCloud backup, you could also use iTunes to help you switch on the button.

Quickly and safely backup iPhone to computer

Protecting your iPhone should be easy. If you want to try the most convenient tool, you should turn to AOMEI MBackupper. It is a free professional tool to backup the important data, including photos, videos, music, messages, and contacts from iPhone to computer via USB cable. You could use it to backup iPhone photos to computer in seconds.

It just requires 3 steps to backup what you care: connect iPhone to computer > click Custom Backup > click Start Backup. If you want to know what’s on your iPhone, you could also click an icon to view them in folders. It is perfectly compatible with the latest iOS 13. Feel free to use it.

Click Start Backup


You could backup iPhone to computer over WiFi with iTunes or iMazing Mini. If you have enough iCloud storage, you could also enable Automatically Backup in iPhone Settings. If you want the most convenient way to protect your iPhone, you could use AOMEI MBackupper to quickly backup your iPhone to computer without the Internet. If this passage solves your problem, you could share it to help more people.