[2022 Updated] Top 10 Recovery Software for SD Card

You may need a data recovery software to recover data from an SD card. Just take a look at the 2022 top 10 recovery software for SD card, and pick one you’re most comfortable with to help you.


By Demi / Updated on June 16, 2022

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What is the best way to restore data from a memory card? Is it possible that the memory card was formatted or corrupted? We will show you the top 10 best formatted/corrupted SD card recovery software in the following tutorial.

SD Card

With the top 10 recovery software for SD card, you can simply recover data from a formatted or corrupted SD card. Also, data can be recovered if it was mistakenly deleted or lost.

Top 10 recovery software for SD card

In this part, you can get the brief introduction, together with advantages and disadvantages of each software. Look through them one after another, and choose the one with whom you feel most at ease to assist you recover deleted/lost data from SD card.

Top 1. MyRecover

MyRecover is one of the best SD card recovery software for free, which helps recover lost/deleted data from SD card within three simple steps: Scan - Choose - Recover. Without complicated setup process, you can finish the data recovery task in minutes.

Scanning Formatted Partiton

• Apply to all-inclusive data loss situation.
• Support to recover 200+ types of data.
• High recovery speed and rate.

✘ Cons:
• The free version only supports recovering data up to 30 MB at a time.

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Top 2. Disk Drill File Recovery

The SD card data recovery software - Disk Drill, provides a useful way to recover files that have been permanently deleted. It offers both deep scan and quick scan for its users. In the testing, its quick scan doesn’t work well, while the deep scan can search almost all lost files.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• Recover most of the lost files after a deep scan.
• The deep scan takes little scanning time.

✘ Cons:
• The quick scan cannot find any data.
• Hard to find the recovered files after the scan.
• The large files have difficult being scanned and recovered.

Top 3. Stellar Data Recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery software is designed to recover deleted or lost data from SD card, SSDs, hard drives, and USB drives. It is stated that once the software is installed, its users will get the best results.

Stellar Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• It is easy-to-use.
• The software is embedded to preview file system.

✘ Cons:
• The scan speed is fast, while it may take 12-24 hours to complete the recovery task.
• The preview function doesn't always work for multimedia files.

Top 4. Recoverit Free Data Recovery

Recoverit is one of the best SD card data recovery software that supports over 1000 file formats. It enables you not only to recover lost files, partition hard drive or USB drive, but also to take a professional video recovery.

Recoverit Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• High success rate of data recovery.
• The deep scan takes little scanning time.
• Supports to recover kinds of data.

✘ Cons:
• It doesn’t support preview features for all files formats.
• It will cause laggy system performance while running in the background.

Top 5. Recuva Data Recovery

Recuva is another free SD card recovery software. It can stably and perfectly recover files like images in SD card. It also supports a virtual hard drive and automatic updates.

Recuva Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• It can recover 100% of the JPG images.
• One of the most stable SD card recovery software to use.
• Free for advanced file recovery.

✘ Cons:
• Not really clear and attractive interface.
• The free version has much simpler functions.


Top 6. iCare Data Recovery

You can retrieve 2 GB of data back to SD card of free iCare data recovery. It helps you to get back documents, videos, emails, and audio files. But please be noted that iCare Data Recovery doesn’t support the JPG recovery.

iCare Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• It is user-friendly.
• It applies to different data loss scenarios.

✘ Cons:
• It takes much time to finish scanning and recovering.
• It doesn’t support to recover JPG images.

Top 7. PhotoRec Data Recovery

The PhotoRec Data Recovery software is safe and reliable for SD card to recover deleted files, which supports recovering any file type.

Photo REC

✔ Pros:
• It is free data recovery software for SD cards, HDDs, USB flash drives, and so on.
• Support different systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

✘ Cons:
• It requires some basic computer knowledge to understand the command-line interface.
• Quite technical for users, especially for beginners.

Top 8. Soft Perfect File

Soft Perfect File takes customers’ requirements and demands into consideration. As a result, it is simple to utilize to recover files from SD card. The .exe installer for this software is only 500 KB.

Soft Perfect File

✔ Pros:
• It is completely portable.
• Small in size, i.e., about 1 MB when installed.

✘ Cons:
• The files cannot be previewed.
• Deleted file health is not showing.

Top 9. Wise data recovery

Wise data recovery portable version helps you to recover without installing it. Wise Data Recovery is relatively fast and does an impressive job at recovering files.

Wise Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• Supports to select file types before scanning.
• Work well in multitasking file recovery.

✘ Cons:
• The folder structure brings errors to individual files.
• A preview panel doesn’t resize images to see the entire file.

Top 10. Restoration

Restoration is an extremely lightweight, portable, and very easy to use free SD card data recovery software, which also includes some unique features that you may find helpful.

Restoration Data Recovery

✔ Pros:
• Very simple and easy to use interface.
• Can be used without installing it.
• Takes up very little disk space (< 500 KB).

✘ Cons:
• Doesn’t show the recoverability of a file.
• Unable to restore folders (just single files).


In a nutshell, the top 10 recovery software for SD card is extremely effective at recovering data from SD card. If you encounter data loss in SD card or other storage devices, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages and pick one of them to have a try.

We also suggest you to backup SD card computer regular to avoid unexpectedly data loss in advance. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.

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