The Parameter Is Incorrect: Detailed Steps for Resolution

In the following part, you will get to learn how to fix the parameter is incorrect issue on your computer. Besides, we provide a useful way to recover data from your external hard drive smoothly.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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When you attempt to access your computer after your hard drive has sustained either logical or physical harm, you might encounter a Windows notification stating "The parameter is incorrect".

The Parament Is Incorrect

Then, you cannot reach the drive's data, resulting in inaccessibility to your valuable information. This error has been a recurring issue among Windows users, and this article will tell you multiple remedies you can apply to rectify the "The parameter is incorrect" error. Besides, we also provide a way to restore hard drive data for you.

Meaning of "The Parameter Is Incorrect"

"The parameter is incorrect" is a frequently seen error message indicating that your computer faces an obstacle when endeavoring to reach the hard drive. Also recognized as error code 0x80070057, this message emerges due to diverse underlying factors, some of which will be explored shortly.

This error alert surfaces each time an access attempt is made. Most often, the actual data within the drive remains unscathed and functional. However, until the drive's impairment is resolved, the file will disappear from folder in Windows File Explorer.

The appearance of the "The parameter is incorrect" error on Windows 10 and 11 can be attributed to many different factors, all hinting at some degree of damage to the drive. A few central rationales for this error are as follows:

  • File system corruption: When the file system becomes compromised, Windows struggles to interpret it, triggering the error.
  • Corruption of Windows system files: Essential files essential for Windows operation may become corrupted, disrupting communication between the computer and the drive.
  • Presence of bad sectors: The emergence of bad sectors on external hard drive destroys data within, potentially leading to this issue.
  • Malware interference: Malicious software can target pivotal sections like the hard drive, causing this error.
  • Physical damage: Damage to the external hard drive or USB port can impede accurate reading, potentially eliciting this error.
  • Decimal symbol inconsistency: Utilizing a non-standard decimal symbol, especially with varying regional formats, can provoke this issue.

With these factors in mind, we'll delve into solutions for fixing the "The parameter is incorrect" on external hard drive.

RecoverData From a Drive Affected by "The Parameter Is Incorrect"

Before working on rectifying the "The parameter is incorrect" error, it's prudent to first recover your data in case the solution process encounters accidents.

MyRecover, a proficient data recovery tool, can quickly and effortlessly recover data from drives grappling with this error.

MyRecover adeptly recovers files from external hard drives visible in Disk Management, regardless of their current accessibility status.

  • Retrieve a spectrum of lost data situations, like accidental deletions, infections, formatting, and more.
  • Restore a myriad of file formats, encompassing images, videos, documents, and beyond.
  • Tailor recovery with filters based on file types, modified dates, and sizes.
  • Compatible with various external hard drive brands and diverse file systems.
  • Accommodating for different file systems, including FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS, etc.

Furthermore, MyRecover's user-friendly interface ensures seamless data recovery, even for novices. Download this dependable Windows data recovery software to experience its efficacy.

Step 1: Connect the external disk to a Windows PC. Launch MyRecover, hover the mouse over your disk, and click Scan.

Select USB to Scan

Step 2: MyRecover will execute Quick and Deep Scans, locating deleted or lost files. Filter or navigate to the original location.

Scanning USB

Step 3: Choose the desired files and recover them, opting for a new location to evade potential overwriting.

Select Lost Images to Recover from USB

How to Solve"The Parameter Is Incorrect" on Windows

Having ensured your data safety, it's time to explore solutions for quelling "The parameter is incorrect" on external hard drive.

Solution1. Alternate USB Port Connection

As a preliminary step, try plugging the external hard drive into a different USB port, preferably one directly connected to the motherboard. This simple test can prevent needless troubleshooting and might find a malfunctioning USB port hindering communication.

Solution 2. Conduct a Virus Scan

A prudent preliminary measure before delving into subsequent solutions involves eliminating any potential viruses that could have triggered the initial issue. While eradicating the virus won't directly rectify the problem, it does preempt the possibility of a recurrence once the forthcoming solutions take effect.

Windows Defender offers a convenient avenue for performing this virus scan. Follow these steps to initiate a comprehensive virus scan through Microsoft Defender:

1. Open File Explorer and right-click on your drive.

2. Choose "Scan with Microsoft Defender."

Scan Windows Defender

3. For a comprehensive scan, select "Microsoft Defender Antivirus (offline scan)" and click on "Scan now." This offline scan occurs in a secure environment outside of the Windows kernel, specifically designed to detect and counteract malware that may attempt to manipulate the master boot record.

Scan Now

Solution 3. Implement CheckDisk

CheckDisk, an integral Windows tool, can identify errors on your external hard drive and attempt immediate rectification. By addressing bad sectors through remapping, CheckDisk might alleviate the encountered problem.

1. Launch the Command Prompt window by right-clicking Start and selecting Run as administrator under Command Prompt.

Open Command Prompt

2. Input "chkdsk e: /r", replacing e: with your drive's letter. Press Enter to initiate the CheckDisk command.


Solution 4. Update Drivers

Drivers act as intermediaries between your drive and the OS. Outdated or damaged drivers can manifest as issues with your external hard drive, including the "The parameter is incorrect" error. Thus, update drives by following the steps here:

1. Access Device Manager by right-clicking Start.

2. Expand Disk drives, right-click your external hard drive, and select Update driver.

External Hard Drive Update Driver

3. Opt for automatic driver search.

External Hard Drive Search Automatic for Driver

4. If no updates are found, uninstall and reinstall the driver by right-clicking the hard drive and selecting Uninstall device.

Uninstall Device

5. Reconnect the drive for automatic driver reinstallation.

Solution 5. Update the Operating System

Regular Windows updates include bug fixes and compatibility enhancements. An outdated Windows version could cause some errors. Thus, upgrading your Windows version may lead to resolution.

1. Search "Check for updates" after pressing Windows Key + S.

2. Click "Check for updates" and allow automatic download and installation.

Check for Updates

Solution 6.Employ Troubleshooters

Windows offers specialized troubleshooters to address diverse system problems. The Hardware and Devices troubleshooter targets issues with connected hardware, both internal and external. Try it to fix the parameter is a correct error now:

1. Open an elevated PowerShell window by right-clicking Start and selecting Windows PowerShell (Admin).

2. Enter "msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic", press Enter, and click Next in the troubleshooter window.


3. Follow the provided solutions to mend the issue.

Solution 7. Format the Drive

If the preceding solutions prove ineffectual, contemplate formatting the external hard drive to eliminate the "The parameter is incorrect" problem. Format will delete files on your hard drive, please back up your important data in advance.

1. Open Disk Management via Start's right-click menu.

2. Right-click the external hard drive's volume, select Format, and specify the name, file system, and quick format.

Format Disk Management

3. Commence the format process by clicking OK.

Quick Format Option

Written In the End

If you are troubled with the parameter is incorrect issue on external hard drive, we hope that this article can give you useful guidance. Data security is the most important, so you can try the reliable data recovery software MyRecover to recover lost or deleted data from your drive at any time.

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