Tutorial: How to Recover PS4 Data from Uninitialized Disk

How to recover PS4 data from uninitialized disk? On this page, you can get the most effective method and detailed guideline.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Can you recover data from uninitialized disk?

Some users are asking for a solution to how to recover PS4 data from uninitialized disk. PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, which has had a lot of game lovers since 2013.

PS4 data are all stored on hard drive as well. Thus, it is possible that you will encounter data loss in the PS4 disk. When you want to recover lost data, you find that your disk is uninitialized. What does it mean and what to do?

Disk initialization means the process of creating the partition table using MBR (Master Boot Record) or GPT (GUID Partition Table). If your disk is uninitialized, it will not show up in Windows File Explorer and will be listed as Not Initialized in Disk Management. In such a situation, your drive formatting becomes damaged, or the drive was never initialized.

Disk not Initialized

If you are looking for a useful way to solve how to recover data from PS4 hard drive that is not initialized, keep reading this article to learn it.

How to recover PS4 data from uninitialized disk

When you find that your disk is uninitialized, you may be asked to initialize or format your disk. You might want to know that does initializing and formatting disk erase data. Definitely, initializing and formatting the disk will erase all data on it. If there are PS4 data on the uninitialized disk, do not initialize the disk, please.

Then, how to recover data from uninitialized disk? For this, a professional data recovery tool called MyRecover can help you a lot. Even if there is no drive letter on your disk, you can recover data from the disk directly via MyRecover.

Powerful features of MyRecover:

  • Support recovery in any situation: You can get your lost data back from uninitialized disks, formatted storage devices, or after virus attacks, system crashes, accidental deletions, and so on.
  • Support to recover data from any storage device: SSD, HDD, USB flash drives, SD cards, external hard drives, etc. are all supported to be recovered in MyRecover.
  • Keep any types of files in origin: Your recovered file will be kept as its original filename, path, and format.
  • Finish recovery task effectively: MyRecover scans and recover your data at a high speed and high rate.

How to recover data from uninitialized disk? Let’s do it with MyRecover with ease.

1. First, download and set up the MyRecover desktop client on your computer.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

2. On the home page of MyRecover, hover the mouse over the drive, and click Scan to let it be scanned.

Choose the Partition not Detected Start Scan

3. MyRecover will scan the uninitialized disk with Deep Scan and Quick Scan. You can use the Filter feature to choose certain types of files to recover.

Scanning not Detecting Drive

4. You can find your lost data under Deleted Files, Recycle Bin, or Other Missing Files. After ticking your lost PS4 data, click on the Recover x files button and choose a new safe location to save it on your computer.

Choose Files from not Detected Drive to Restore

Now, you have learned how to recover data from PS4 hard drive that is uninitialized easily.

How to initialize PS4 disk effectively

If your PS4 disk was never initialized and there are no important data in it, you can refer to the easy guideline here to initialize your PS4 disk.

1. Press the Windows and X keys on your keyboard together to run Disk Management.

Disk Management

2. You can see all your disks on your computer here. Find the uninitialized disk option and right-click on it to choose Initialize Disk.

Intialize Disk

3. Select a partition type for your PS4 disk. Generally, GPT is a better option. After selecting, click on OK.

Select Partition Style

Then, if you want to recover data after initialize disk, you can try many other normal ways.

How to initialize PS4 disk without data loss

Since initializing the disk will erase all data in your disk, you can consider making backups of your PS4 disk to protect significant data in the disk. Creating backups regularly is a nice habit and you can choose professional backup software to improve user experience and data security.

Here, we highly recommend you a good choice for disk data backup - AOMEI Backupper. It is an experienced backup service, and you can enjoy many valuable backup and sync features in it.

  • Multiple backup features: You can choose different backup functions in different situations, including system backup, disk backup, file backup, etc.
  • Scheduled backup: You can make your backup task perform automatically with your selected frequency.
  • Incremental and differential backup: These backup schemes can save your backup time and space.

Here is an easy tutorial to create a backup for your PS4 data via AOMEI Backupper.

1. Download the AOMEI Backupper application on your computer. Install and run it.

2. Click on the Backup option on the left side. Choose File Backup to select important PS4 data from your disk.

AB Clck File Backup

3. Choose Add Folder or Add File to select your PS4 data. And choose a safe path for it.

AB Click Add Folder Add File

4. Finally, click on Start Backup to back up your data to the destination at once.

AB Click Start Backup

Written in the end

That is all about how to recover PS4 data from uninitialized disk. A professional data recovery tool like MyRecover can help you to recover data from PS4 hard drive easily. In addition, we provide easy guidelines to initialize the disk without data loss in detail.

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