Free! Two Ways to Recover LOST.DIR Files on SD Card

LOST.DIR folder on SD card helps collect lost folders when your mobile phone is working. If you are looking for a free solution to recover LOST.DIR files, just try either method in this guide to get the wanted files back.


By Demi / Updated on April 3, 2024

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What is LOST.DIR file

As a system folder, the LOST.DIR folder saves the interrupted or damaged files on your mobile phone. When you launch the folder, you will find it is stuffed with corrupted, unformatted files, which are created automatically when you perform certain activities on the phone.


What is the LOST.DIR file? It can be a crash file created when your device suddenly shuts off while you’re running an app. It can also be an unfinished internet download file and a file that was corrupted as a result of the SD card being removed.

Some of the files saved in the LOST.DIR folder may still be important for you. If you need a free and simple way to recover data from the LOST.DIR folders, there are two ways in this guide to do you a favor.

Way 1. Recover LOST.DIR files by writing filename extension

If you wonder how to recover files from LOST.DIR without PC, you can try to add a file name extension to each file inside the LOST.DIR folder. It can modify the file’s format, making it readable on the specific mobile apps.

You can rename the files in the LOST.DIR folder in batch or in sequence depending on the file manager you’re using. You can be free to recover LOST.DIR files by writing a file name extension in three steps below.

Step 1. Choose the files you want to modify from the SD card in the file manager on your phone;

Step 2.  Tap the More icon (often represented by three vertical dots in a column (:)).

Step 3.  Choose rename and give the file a name an extension.

Write Filename Extension

Assuming the filename is "hitlmso," you should change it to hitlmso.mp3, hitlmso.doc, or hitlmso.jpg by putting the appropriate extension to the name.

After the filename has been modified and an extension added, you can now try to open the file using supported mobile apps on your phone.

Way 2. Recover LOST.DIR files with data recovery software

Some people see the LOST.DIR folder as a “virus” and delete the folder. If that also happens to you, you may find your phone begins to misbehave. What’s worse, you cannot make use of the first method to recover files from the LOST.DIR folder. Then, you may ask yourself: how do I recover LOST.DIR files?

The best LOST.DIR files recovery software free download

You can use MyRecover to do that. MyRecover is a handy software that allows you to perform data recovery tasks in an as simple as ABC way.

Here are some features and advantages of MyRecover:
• Recover 200+types of data. The SD card including the LOST.DIR folder may save your picture, videos, texts, etc. You could retrieve all lost files from them via MyRecover.
• No data loss. With the help of MyRecover, the data on the SD card or the LOST.DIR folder can be retrieved while preserving its original format, filename, path, and quality.
• High success rate for data recovery. The scanning method of Quick Scan & Deep Scan, which is equipped with an advanced scanning technology, helps recover your data without any errors.
• Support different data loss scenarios. MyRecover is perfectly compatible with HDD/SSD. It is also workable to unformat SD card. Data lost due to system crash, virus attack, and so on can also be recovered with it.

Free download MyRecover by clicking the icon below. Let’s get started to recover LOST.DIR files within three steps.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Three-step to recover LOST.DIR files via MyRecover

You can choose to recover LOST.DIR file on SD card directly by removing the SD card from your mobile device and connecting it to a computer using a card reader. Here are the three simple steps to recover LOST.DIR files with MyRecover.

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover > Connect SD card to computer with a compatible card reader > Hover the mouse over the SD card drive > Click Scan to begin.

Select SD Card To Scan

Step 2. Wait for the scanning process to finish. The Quick Scan and Deep Scan make the process in seconds. During the process, you can directly select the files from the Scanned files list to restore.

Scanning Formatted Patition

Step 3. Check each folder and choose the files from the Scanned files list that you want to recover > Click Recover x files > Choose your SD card as the destination to get the files back to your SD card.

Select Files To Recover


That’s all for how to recover LOST.DIR files for free. You can write the extension name of files to make it readable on your phone. If you have deleted the folder on your device, you can rely on the data recovery software - MyRecover to make it. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.

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