4 Quick Ways | How to Recover Deleted Videos from Insta360

How to recover lost videos from Insta360 cameras? In this guide, we provide you with 4 practical methods to recover lost/deleted videos from Insta360 easily and quickly. Now, read on to learn more.


By Lori / Updated on April 29, 2024

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Insta360 cameras have redefined how we capture immersive moments in 360 degrees. However, the frustration of losing these unique videos can be disheartening. In this comprehensive guide, we unravel the art of Insta360 video recovery. Explore 4 effective methods, troubleshoot common issues, and discover the prowess of MyRecover to recover lost videos from Insta360.

Recover Lost Videos from Insta360

4 Easy Methods for Insta360 Video Recovery

1. Check Camera and Storage Connection

Ensuring a stable connection between your Insta360 camera and storage device is crucial for successful video recovery.

Steps to Check Camera and Storage Connection:

Step 1. Inspect Physical Connections

Ensure that your Insta360 camera is connected properly to the storage device.

Check for any loose cables or faulty connectors.

Step 2. Verify Camera Settings

Access the Insta360 camera settings and confirm that it recognizes the connected storage device.

Troubleshoot any issues related to the camera's recognition of the storage.

2. Retrieve from Cloud Backup

Insta360 often provides cloud backup options for users. Utilizing cloud backups can be an effective way to recover deleted videos from insta360.

Steps to Retrieve from Cloud Backup:

Step 1. Access Insta360 Cloud Account

Log in to your Insta360 cloud account using your credentials.

Navigate to the backup section to check for available video backups.

Step 2. Download and Restore

If backups are available, download them to your device.

Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the lost videos.

3. Recover Lost Videos from Insta360 App

If you've accidentally deleted photos within the Insta360 app, you can get back videos deleted from Recycle Bin in Insta360 app. The Insta360 GO app, for example, keeps deleted files in the Recycle Bin for up to 30 days before they are permanently removed. Here’s how you can attempt to restore your photos:

Step 1.  Open the Insta360 app and go to its settings.

Step 2.  Access the Recycle Bin by tapping on the Recycle Bin option to check for any deleted photos.

Step 3.  Select photos to recover by tapping on the tick icon located in the upper-right corner, then tap on the 'Recover' option to restore the files directly to your album.

Step 4.  Recover all files at once by tapping on the tick icon again and then selecting 'Recover All'.

  • If you do not find your files in the Recycle Bin, or if the videos or photos were deleted directly from the memory card of your Insta360 camera, you may need to explore a Insta360 video recovery software to recover permanently deleted vidoes

4. Leverage MyRecover for Insta360 Video Recovery

MyRecover is a digital camera recovery software designed for efficient Insta360 video recovery, offering advanced features for a seamless recovery experience. With an easy interface and a simple operation technique, you may recover your deleted videos in 3 steps with a high success rate.

Professional Insta360 Video Recovery Software
  • Insta360 Video Recovery: MyRecover specializes in recovering videos from Insta360 cameras, Sony cameras, Nikon cameras, and other digital cameras.
  • Preview and Selective Recovery: Preview recoverable videos before initiating the recovery process, allowing you to selectively recover essential moments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: MyRecover provides a straightforward guide for effortless Insta360 video recovery.
  • High recovery rateand speed. It recovers your videos with a high recovery rate and speed, even if it was permanently deleted.

Now, visit the official MyRecover website and download the latest version. Install MyRecover on your computer to recover lost Insta360 videos quickly.

Step 1.  Launch MyRecover and Start Scan SD Card

Remove the sd card from your Insta360 and open MyRecover. Then, connect the SD card to your computer.  Ensure proper recognition of the device by MyRecover. Then, hover the mouse over the SD card and click Scan to start the scanning process.


Step 2. Preview and Confirm Recoverable Videos

It will automatically check the drive for all lost files, and you can search for the specific video you lost in the search box and click Filter to select desired files.


🌟Tip: You can also search the lost or delete files based on their TypeData Modified and Size, and preview the video before recovery.

Step 3. Initiate the Recovery Process

Select the type of data you want to recover (videos) by clicking Recover X Files and choose the Insta360 camera or SD card as the target location.


  • You could recoverlost videos from Insta360 up to 500MB in total for free.If you want to recover more data, please try advanced editions.
  • Apart from recovering deleted videos from camera, it can alsorecover deleted Word/Excel/PPT documents,images, emails, audio files, and more than 200 file types.
  • Even if your SD is formatted, it also can recover data from formatted drive without any omission.

Insta360 Video Recovery - Safeguarding Your Cherished Moments

Recovering videos from Insta360 cameras involves a combination of troubleshooting, cloud backup retrieval, check Insta360 app, and leveraging advanced recovery tools like MyRecover. By following these methods, you can ensure your cherished moments are safeguarded.

To minimize the risk of data loss and ensure your content is safe, here are some detailed strategies you can implement:

  1. Avoid Low Battery Usage: Don't use your camera when the battery is low. There's a risk it could turn off during use, especially while recording video. Videos not fully saved before the camera shuts down cannot be recovered because they won't be written to the SD card.

  2. Regular Backups: To safeguard your data, regularly back up your videos. You can use cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or simply store them on your computer. Or, using this free backup software for Windows like AOMEI Backupper Standard.

  3. Use Memory Cards Wisely: Keep your camera’s memory card exclusively for your Insta360. Using the same memory card on different devices such as phones or PCs can expose it to viruses and unwanted files that may corrupt your data.

  4. Properly Eject Memory Cards: Always ensure to eject your memory card properly. It’s safest to remove the card while your Insta360 is turned off to prevent any data loss.


In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips Insta360 users with effective methods to recover lost videos from Insta360. Whether utilizing cloud backups, checking Insta360 app, or using professional Insta360 video recovery like MyRecover, users can confidently navigate the video recovery process for their Insta360 cameras.

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1. Can MyRecover recover specific video formats from Insta360 cameras?

Yes, MyRecover supports the recovery of various video formats commonly used by Insta360 cameras. You could use the filter feature to quickly search your specific video formats.

2. Can I recover videos that were deleted a long time ago from my Insta360 camera?

MyRecover's advanced scanning capabilities allow for the recovery of videos deleted some time ago, provided the data hasn't been overwritten.Even if you want to recover videos after 30 days.

3. How to recover lost photos from Insta360?

If you want to recover lost/deleted photos from Insta360, you could also try the methods above 4 ways in this article.

4. Is it safe to recover videos directly from the Insta360 camera using MyRecover?

Yes, MyRecover is designed to recover videos without causing any harm to the Insta360 camera's internal storage.

5. Is there a risk of overwriting lost videos during the recovery process?

Avoid using the Insta360 camera or writing new data to the SD card after loss to minimize the risk of overwriting. MyRecover's selective recovery feature further reduces this risk.

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