Safe & Efficient Ways to Recover Lost Partition Micro SD Card

How to recover lost partition Micro SD card efficiently? This tutorial shares two feasible ways for Micro SD partition recovery with you.


By Penny / Updated on November 16, 2022

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Is it possible to recover lost partition Micro SD card?


Hello! My girlfriend has a 128GB Micro SD on her laptop. However, one of the Micro SD card partitions is missing. This lost Micro SD partition is important to her because there’re many files on it. Could you help me recover the lost partition Micro SD card? Thanks.

Although the Micro SD card is a tiny flash memory card, it is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, GPS, and other portable devices. As you can see, it is playing an increasing role in our daily life and careers.


Are you attempting to recover lost partition Micro SD card? Please scroll down to get possible causes of partition loss and feasible solutions for Micro SD card recovery.

Possible reasons for Micro SD partition recovery

In computers, separate partitions indeed render convenience for users. Nevertheless, it also brings potential risks such as partition loss, corruption, formation, etc.

Maybe the following possible reasons are not sufficient enough to exempt you from data loss, but they will remind you to stay away from these minefields as much as you can.  

  • Accidental deletion
  • Bad sectors or tracks
  • Partition table loss or damage
  • Virus attacks

How to recover lost partition Micro SD card?

After learning about possible scenarios for partition loss, this part focuses on guiding you to recover lost partition Micro SD card. Two efficient but distinct solutions are available for you. If you’re familiar with CMD, maybe you can try out the former solution. Otherwise, powerful partition recovery software is a pertinent proposal.

Solution 1. Recover lost partition Micro SD card using CMD

As you can see, the most common factor for partition loss is accidental deletion. For Windows, incorrect deletion could create “unallocated” space. If you fail to view your lost partition Micro SD card through Windows File Explorer, maybe these lost partitions are saved in the unallocated space. At the moment, you can use Disk management to check these lost partitions.

If that is the case, it is accessible for you to assign a drive letter with CMD. After that, the lost partition Micro SD card could be recognized by the OS, and you can reuse this partition. These explicit instructions depict how to open disk management from CMD and use the command prompt to recover the lost partition Micro SD card.

Step 1. Press the “Windows + R” keys to open the Run window. Then enter “diskmgmt. msc” and click “OK” to open Disk Management.

Step 2. Locate your deleted/lost Micro SD partition and remember its size. Then the deleted partition space will be marked as unallocated space.

Step 3. Enter “cmd” in the search bar and select “Run as administrator”.

Step 4. Type “diskpart” in the window and press “Enter”.

Step 5. Type “list disk” and press “Enter”. Then you can see all the partitions on the computer.

Step 6. Type “select disk # and press “Enter” (# means the number of the hard drive including the lost partition).

Step 7. Type list volume and press “Enter”.

Step 8. Type “select volume # and press “Enter” (# means the number of the lost partition). Type “assign letter #” and press “Enter” (# means a drive letter that is available).


Step 9. Exit this window and check your deleted partition is recovered or not.

Solution 2. Use Micro SD card partition recovery software

If you want to recover the lost partition Micro SD card without losing data, there’s no better way than using trustable partition recovery software. AOMEI partition Assistant Professional could resolve your concerns with four steps.

First, before data coverage, this user-friendly program enables everyone to recover the deleted/lost NTFS, FAT partitions, and their data from Micro SD card in all versions of Windows without high-tech knowledge. And Ext2, Ext3 partition recovery is also allowed.

Second, creating, resizing, moving, merging, and splitting partitions is also available with this multifunction disk manager. You can also perform disk conversions between MBR and GPT, and migrate operating systems to SSD drives. Please download its demo version to check its powerful functions.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and install it on your PC. Click “Partition Recovery Wizard” and select the disk that includes your deleted/lost Micro SD partition, then click the “Next” button.


Step 2. Select “Fast Search” to find your deleted/lost Micro SD partition quickly. And click the “Next” button. 


Step 3. After the process, you can see your deleted/lost Micro SD partition. Then select the partition you want to recover and click the “Proceed” button.


Step 4. Click “Finish” to exit after seeing the “Congratulations” message.

Wrapping up

Are you seeking efficient ways to recover lost partition Micro SD card? In the beginning, you can use Disk Management to access the deleted/lost partition Micro SD card first. If the partition loss is due to drive letter loss, you can assign a drive letter with CMD. If not, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a better option for Micro SD partition recovery.  

More importantly, you’re supposed to make regular backups using Windows feature or freeware backup software, AOMEI Backupper. Does this guide help you out?

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