4 Ways to Recover Deleted Netflix Profile and 1 Tip

On this page, you can learn how to recover deleted Netflix profile and history with 4 useful methods. In addition, we provide an effective tip to recover Netflix local videos as well.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Can you get a deleted profile back on Netflix?

My profile was deleted from the Netflix account. All of my viewing history, ratings, and my list are gone. I’m wondering if anyone here knows a way to recover it. We changed the password to kick them off already but I had to create a new profile

- Question from Reddit


Netflix has been one of the best-known international sources of entertainment for many years. You can watch many types of videos on it like movies, TV series, TV shows, etc. All your family can share the same Netflix account to enjoy wonderful features in it.

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However, like that mentioned in the user case, you may find that your Netflix profile and history were deleted accidentally, which will make you lose much important personalized data and watch history in your Netflix account. Do not panic, we will show you how to recover deleted Netflix profile and history in the article, please read on to learn more about it.

How to recover deleted Netflix profile: 4 ways here

How to recover deleted profile on Netflix? Generally, there are some different ways to fix it and we conclude with 4 common methods in the following part. You can try them one by one to get your Netflix profile and history back.

Way 1. Check your Internet connection

Your Netflix profiles and history may disappear due to an unstable Internet connection instead of losing and deleting. Thus, you can try to check your Internet connection on the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting to the Internet. If your Netflix profile disappeared because of a network issue, you can see them after there is a stable Internet connection.

Way 2. Log out and into your account again

If the first method does not work in your Netflix account, you can try this way: logging out and logging into your Netflix account again. Sometimes, your Netflix profile and history will disappear due to problems in connecting between the application and the server. You can try to uninstall and reinstall Netflix to log into your account again.

Sign in Netflix

Way 3. Ask for help in Netflix Help Center

If you cannot find deleted Netflix profile in your account after trying the 2 methods above, you can contact Netflix to ask for help. Go to My Account > Help Center in your Netflix. Then you can choose to Call Us or Start Live Chat to tell your problem and ask for help.

Netflix Help

Way 4. Seek help in Netflix forums

If Netflix officials did not give you a satisfying answer, you can seek help in many Netflix forums on the Internet. Maybe some true user cases and answers from forums can do you a big favor.

Tip: How to recover Netflix local saved videos in an easy way

Netflix allows you to download videos from its official web page or from a mobile device. In this way, you can keep your favorite videos locally to watch them easily and prevent them disappear from the website. However, your local saved videos are also at risk of data loss. For this, we provide this tip especially to tell you how to recover Netflix local saved videos in the easiest way.

To recover lost or deleted videos, the most effective method is to use a professional data recovery tool like MyRecover. Without backups, MyRecover can help you to recover lost or deleted local video files effectively.

You can see many powerful recovery features and designs in MyRecover.

Retrieve deleted videos from micro SD card, USB flash drive, SSD, HDD, and more other storage devices.
Never change the original filename, path, and format of your recovered data.
Support recovery for more than 200 types of data, like videos, photos, documents, compressed files, emails, web pages, and so on.
Compatible with NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and Windows Server PC.

Now, you can download MyRecover on your computer and refer to the easy guideline here to try to recover local saved Netflix videos with MyRecover. This method is also suitable for other video recovery like lost YouTube videos.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. First, hover the mouse over the partition or disk where your Netflix video files are saved. Next, click Scan to let it be scanned.

Select Location to Scan

2. MyRecover will scan your disk or partition with both Quick Scan and Deep Scan automatically. You can locate your video files quickly by searching or filtering on this page.

Scanning Drive

3. Next, check the scanning result. Choose the Netflix video files that you desire. Then press the Recover x files button at the bottom to recover deleted videos now, and you need to select a new safe path for your recovered files.

Select Deleted Videos to Restore

To sum up

From this post, you can know the ways to recover deleted Netflix profile and history. Hope that you can get your Netflix profile and history back successfully. In addition, we provide the best video recovery software MyRecover for you. When your local saved videos get lost or deleted accidentally, MyRecover will be helpful.

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