How to Recover Deleted IDML Files [3 Ways Here]

Facing up with IDML file loss can be quite troublesome. However, here come 4 useful ways to recover deleted IDML files with simple steps.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Are you dealing with the loss of an IDML file and wondering how to recover deleted IDML files? If so, here you are in the right place. Within these lines, we discuss a multitude of techniques at your disposal for recovering deleted files. Our clear, step-by-step directives are tailored to even those who are new to data recovery.

About the IDML Format

IDML is short for InDesign Markup Language File. This extension, hailing from Adobe InDesign, a premier software for publishing and page layout design, holds sway in the realm of flyers, posters, newspapers, and books.


During the dawn of InDesign in 1999, the IDML format wasn't part of the repertoire. The software's foundation rested on INX (.inx). Not until the advent of InDesign CS4 in 2008 did the flexible IDML format emerge, revolutionizing the storage of InDesign projects.

Just like its predecessor, the INX format, the IDML format boasts XML-based document representation. Unpacking an IDML file unveils an array of XML files and compressed directories, all enveloped in the embrace of the ZIP compression algorithm.

However, as a user, direct interaction with IDML content remains elusive, including during IDML file recovery. The recovery process mirrors tried-and-true techniques applicable to diverse file formats, elucidated in the forthcoming section.

Tips for IDML File Recovery

In most cases, your deleted IDML files can be recovered in some way. Nonetheless, adhering to data recovery's cardinal principles can bolster your odds of an all-encompassing retrieval:

  • Stop writing new data to the storage device containing the deleted IDML files.
  • Initiate the data recovery process with haste, for procrastination heightens the specter of overwrites, dooming your IDML files.
  • Prioritize the most effective data recovery method, given each attempt might prove pivotal.

These three foundational principles can be helpful to your file recovery rate.

Recover Deleted IDML Files with Software

When you need to recover deleted IDML files, this software, exemplified by MyRecover, transcends conventional file recovery methods, salvaging even permanently deleted, unbacked files.

Are you facing up with IDML file loss without backups? Swift recourse through proficient data recovery software emerges as sage advice. Enter MyRecover, check your storage device across Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Windows 11, and more, unearthing vanished or erased IDML files.

  • Recover deleted or lost IDML files across myriad scenarios, encompassing accidental deletion, formatting, virus infiltration, and beyond.
  • Embrace a broad spectrum of file types and over 200 formats, spanning IDML, TPL, VWX, LAB, and more.
  • Effortlessly filter file types, spanning images, videos, documents, with parameter adjustment for date modified and size.
  • Uphold IDML files' essence: name, path, format, and quality, adapting to the chosen storage medium.
  • Extend compatibility to multiple storage entities: internal/external disks, USB drives, SD cards, and more.

How to recover deleted IDML files easily? Navigating this user-friendly software mandates no expertise, fostering seamless recovery. Initiate the process by downloading this professional Windows data recovery tool!

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

1. Run MyRecover on your computer. Hover the mouse over the drive that saved your IDML files before. Click Scan.

Select Location to Scan

2. After Quick Scan and Deep Scan, you can see your deleted IDML files and all other missing files here.

Scanning Drive

3. Choose your desired IDML files to recover, then press Recover x files to begin the recovery process.

Select Word Files to Recover

Recover Deleted IDML Files from Recycle Bin

A temporary location for deleted IDML files, the Recycle Bin keeps them till emptied, enabling effortless recuperation. You can recover deleted files from Recycle Bin as follows:

1. Double-tap the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop.

2. Handpick desired IDML files.

3. Shuffle them to a designated computer folder via drag-and-drop or right-click on them to choose Restore.

Click Restore

Recover Deleted IDML Files through Windows File History

While the Recycle Bin wields utility, it stands impotent when other factors render files inaccessible beyond mere deletion. Windows File History, a native Windows feature, surmounts this limitation. You can restore previous version of the file via it.

1. Initiate a quest via the Start menu, typing "file history," and selecting the pertinent result.

2. Opt for "Restore personal files" within File History's precincts.

Restore Personal Files

3. Traverse to the IDML file's abode.

4. Delve into successive backups, identifying the repository safeguarding the elusive IDML content.

5. To recover deleted IDML files, orchestrating their recovery with a click of the green button.

Restore Deleted File

How to Recover Unsaved IDML Files

There is a special folder in the operating system to save your IDML files until you choose a location for them. If you have not save IDML files, you can go to the folder to recover IDML files.

Here are specific paths:


Users/[User Name]/Library/Cache/Adobe InDesign/Version[#.0]/InDesign Recovery


C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version [#].0\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery

Avoid IDML File Loss: Some Tips Here

While IDML file recovery remains plausible, you can follow some useful notes to protect them better in daily life and work.

  • Regularly save progress: A single click or the CTRL (CMD) + S combo can spare future recovery endeavors.
  • Make backups: Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS proffer robust data backup tools; exploit them for safeguarding IDML files.
  • Invest in power device: Power interruptions will lead to data loss. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) curbs such perils, enabling a secure shutdown.
  • Keep away from pirated InDesign versions: Avoid using pirated software to forestall both crashes and malware infestation, preserving vital IDML files.
  • Segregate tasks: Operating multiple applications concurrently amplifies system vulnerability.


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