Corrupted Transcend SD Card? How to Recover & Fix

This page provides you with a comprehensive guide to recovering data from  corrupted Transcend SD cards using data recovery software like MyRecover and fixing corrupted Transcend SD cards in 3 ways.


By Lori / Updated on May 9, 2024

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A Transcend SD card is a small storage card made by Transcend. People use it in cameras, phones, and other devices to save pictures, videos, and files. These cards come in different sizes (like 16GB or 32GB). They are known for being reliable and work with many devices.

Transcend SD Card

However, while SD cards are handy, they are fragile and easily corrupted. You may lose data due to various causes. Fortunately, this article provides you with a comprehensive guide to recovering data from corrupted Transcend SD cards using data recovery software and fixing corrupted Transcend SD cards in 3 easy and effective ways.

Can You Recover Data from Transcend SD Card?

Yes, it is possible to recover data from Transcend SD cards. Data loss from an SD card can occur for various reasons, including accidental deletion, file corruption, or formatting. If you don’t have file backups, you can use professional Transcend memory card recovery software to retrieve your deleted or lost data.

Important! If data gets deleted or lost, please do not do the following:

  • Stop using your Transcend SD card immediately.
  • Don’t add new files to your Transcend SD card.
  • Don’t format your Transcend SD card again.
  • Don’t save your recovered files to their original location.

How to Recover Data from Corrupted Transcend SD Cards?

Regarding Transcend SD card recovery, some users might first think about RecoveRX. It’s true.

Transcend releases an exclusive data recovery tool called RecoveRx to recover files from various Transcend storage devices such as SD cards, USB drives, and external disks. Also, RecoveRx can also format and recover data from StoreJet, SD cards, and CompactFlash cards.

Following are the file types and formats that RecoveRx can recover:

File types








Other files


Steps to Recover Transcend Files with RecoveRx:

Step 1: Connect your Transcend hard disk to your PC. Download and open RecoveRx.

Step 2: Choose Recover after launching the software. RecoveRx will automatically find your connected Transcend SD card.


Step 3: Select a new location for your recovered files. Click Next.

Click Next

Step 4: Choose the types of files you want to recover, like photos or documents. Click Start.

Click Start

Step 5: Once scanning finishes, the software will display the total recovered files. Click Close.

Click Close

Following these steps in RecoveRx enables users to search for deleted files and recover data. However, it's important to be aware of the software's limitations:

  • 🎗Limited file types: RecoveRx may not recover all file types, such as audio files, emails, or compressed files.
  • 🎡Unsupported formats: Certain common file formats like DOCX, XLSX, MOV, WEBM, ZIP, and RAR might not be recoverable with this software.
  • 🎊Single scanning mode: The software offers only one scanning mode, which can be time-consuming, especially for large storage devices.
  • 🎆No pause or preview: Users cannot pause ongoing scans or preview files during the recovery process.
  • 🎇Potential for damaged files: Recovered files might be damaged, which can affect their usability and reliability.
  • 🧨Low recovery success rate: The software may not have a high success rate in recovering all data.

Recover Data from Corrupted Transcend SD Cards Via MyRecover

Luckily, using powerful data recovery software like MyRecover can avoid the limitations of RecoveRx, Next, we will introduce the fastest and easiest way to recover data from corrupted Transcend SD cards in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, etc.

Professional Transcend SD Card Recovery Software
  • Recover 200+ formats: Recover deleted X3F, /HEIF/JPG images, WMV/MXF/MP4 videos, DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS documents, and any common file types.
  • Restore lost or deleted data from Transcend memory cards, SSD, HDD, and more storage devices.
  • Support all brands of SD cards, such as Transcend, SanDisk, PNY, Samsung, Lexar, Kingston, etc.
  • It will quickly and thoroughly sacn the corrupted Transcend SD card to locate all recoverable data.

Step 1. Connect your corrupted Transcend SD card to a Windows PC. Download and launch MyRecover. Hover the mouse over the Transcend SD card saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. It will scanTranscend SD card automatically and thoroughly to locate all the found data. You can use the Search Box or the Filter feature to quickly locate the files you want.


🌟Tip: Preview or filter your desired file based on Files Type, Size, Date, etc.
  • Type: Select the file type (Documents, Images, Videos, Audios, Mails, Webpages, Compressed files, etc.)
  • Date modified: Set the date (today, yesterday, last 7/30 days, etc.)
  • Size: Filter the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~ 512MB, 512MB above, etc.)

Step 3. You will see a list of data that MyRecover found on your Transcend SD card. Choose your desired files and click Recover x files.


Step 4. Select a new location to save the recovered files and click Select Folder to confirm it. Your files will be recovered in a few minutes or longer, depending on the amount of data you want to recover.

🌟Tip: You can recover data from corrupted Transcend SD cards for free, up to 500MB in total. Once exceeded, please upgrade to the advanced editions to enjoy unlimited data recovery.

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After your precious data recovery, you can follow the following 3 ways to repair corrupted Transcend SD cards.

Way 1. Use Check Tool to Fix Corrupted SD Card

You can check and repair a corrupted Transcend SD card using Windows' built-in disk check feature, follow these steps:

1. Please connect the Transcend SD card to your Windows. Then, start This PC or My Computer. Right-click the corrupted hard drive and select Properties.

2. Then go to Tools on the upper-left side and click Check.


3. Click Scan Drive to find any error on the disk and fix it.


Way 2. Use CHKDSK to Fix Corrupted SD Card

You can use CHKDSK to check and flag corrupted Transcend SD card. To ensure comprehensive error correction, it is recommended to execute CHKDSK with the /f, /r, /x, or /b parameters, as it not only checks the file system but also resolves detected volume errors.

1. Type cmd in the search box, select it and Run as administrator.​

Run As Administrator

2. Type chkdsk d: /f/r. Replace d: with the drive letter of your corrupted disk.

Chkdsk f r

3. If the corrupted disk is a system disk, it will ask you to run this command at the next system startup. Type yes and press Enter to restart the system now.

Way 3. Use Professional Repair Software

If it is really difficult to repair your corrupted Transcend SD cards, or the Transcend SD card has suffered serious physical damage, etc. At this point, you need to seek professional help from a Transcend repair center or a reputable data recovery service such as ACE Data Recovery, Geek Squad, Secure Data Recovery, and Platinum Data Recovery.

Prevention for SD Card Data Loss: 5 Hot Tips

It is essential to prevent data loss from your Transcend SD card. Here are some commonly used tips to help you avoid data loss:

1. Eject SD Card Safely: Always eject the SD card properly from your device. Removing it while it's in use can lead to data corruption.

2. Back up Data Regularly: Regularly back up data with AOMEI Backupper and rely on a dependable storage device to minimize the risk of losing data. In the event of an accident, you'll be able to restore files from backups quickly.

File Backup

3. Check for Errors Regularly: Periodically check your SD card for errors or file system issues. You can use the built-in error-checking tools on your device or computer.

4. Avoid Using the Same Card on Multiple Devices: Using the same SD card on different devices with varying file systems can lead to file corruption. Stick to using one card with one device whenever possible.

5. Protect the SD Card from Extreme Conditions: Avoid exposing the SD card to extreme temperatures, high humidity, or physical damage. Please store it in a protective case when not in use.


That’s all for how to recover data from corrupted Transcend SD cards in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, etc.

After Transcend data recovery, you can use 3 useful ways to fix your corrupted Transcend SD card. If you accidentally delete valuable data from a storage device, or if you want to recover the data after deletion, you can easily recover it through MyRecover in a few simple steps.

MyRecover can not only recover data from Transcend SD cards, but also supports other Transcend storage devices and other SD card brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, Sony, etc. With its advanced technology and reliable recovery rate. You are able to recover deleted or lost files on your storage device easily.


What happens to a corrupted SD card?
When an SD card becomes corrupted, the stored files are often invisible and inaccessible. In order to ensure data security, we strongly recommend that you restore important data in the SD card first, and then take steps to repair the damaged SD card.
Will formatting fix a corrupted SD card?
Yes, formatting can fix a corrupted SD card. It erases all data, including the issues causing corruption. After formatting, you can use recovery software like MyRecover to get back your lost files. Just remember, formatting erases everything, so make sure to recover your files before you format.
Can corrupted SD card data be recovered?
Yes, in many cases, corrupted SD card data can be recovered. The success of the recovery process depends on the extent of the corruption and the specific tools and techniques used.

It's often possible to retrieve lost or damaged data from a corrupted SD card using data recovery software like MyRecover or by seeking professional data recovery services. However, it's essential to act promptly and avoid using the card further to increase the chances of successful data recovery.
How do you fix a corrupted Transcend memory card?
If the Transcend memory card is recognized by your computer but still has issues, you can try a quick format (ensure you've recovered your data first) after recover the data. Right-click the card in Windows Explorer, select Format, and choose "Quick Format".
What are the chances of SD card corrupting?
SD cards have a moderate risk of getting corrupted. Factors like improper ejection, power outages, viruses, physical damage, and using incompatible devices can increase the chances. However, many people use SD cards without problems by handling them carefully and safely ejecting them from devices. Taking precautions significantly reduces the risk of corruption.
Is SD card corruption permanent?
SD card corruption isn't always permanent. You can often recover data using special software if you act quickly and stop using the card. Regular backups help prevent data loss.
Can malware affect SD cards?
Yes, malware can harm SD cards. If you download infected files or connect to a compromised device, your SD card can get affected. Be careful where you get your files and scan your devices regularly to stay safe.
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