[Solved] How to Recover Deleted Excel File from OneDrive

This post contains instructions on how to recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive. We provide you with various ways to recover deleted files and continue reading to find the best one for you.


By Hester / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Can I recover a deleted Excel file from OneDrive?


I can't seem to find an excel file on OneDrive. It must have recently been deleted. I searched through all the available resources, but I couldn't find it. How to recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive?  I looked online and discovered numerous businesses that provide third-party software that claims to be able to restore mistakenly deleted files, but I am confused about to use these. I appreciate you helping me!”

- Question from OneDrive Forum


How to recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive [4 methods]

Many users use OneDrive to back up computer files, and it frequently happens that you may accidentally delete files from OneDrive. We will explain how to recover Excel file from OneDrive in this part, and the methods we offered are also available to recover other types of files.

Method 1. Recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive Recycle Bin

When you want to recover OneDrive deleted files, firstly you should go to check the OneDrive Recycle Bin.

Step 1. Go to the OneDrive website and log in to your OneDrive account.

Step 2. On the left side, select the Recycle Bin. Next, click Restore after selecting the Excel files or folders you want to recover.

onedrive restore excel file

Now you can go to the original location to check your recovered Excel file.

  • If you are logged into OneDrive with a Microsoft account, items will be automatically erased from the recycle bin after 30 days.
  • If you are logged into OneDrive with a work or school account, items will be automatically erased from the recycle bin after 93 days.

If you can’t find your deleted files in the Recycle Bin, they may be moved to the Second-stage recycle bin.

Step 1. Scroll down the Recycle Bin page and click Second-stage recycle bin at the bottom.

second stage recycle bin restore

Step 2. Tick the target Excel file you want to recover, and click Restore.

second stage recycle bin recover excel file

Method 2. Restore OneDrive to a previous time

How to recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive? You can restore OneDrive to a prior time and retrieve the deleted Excel file if you are unable to locate the target deleted file in the OneDrive Recycle Bin.

Step 1. Log in to your OneDrive account. Click Settings > Restore your OneDrive from the drop-down menu.

restore your onedrive

Step 2. On the next page, choose a date that the Excel files had not been deleted yet, and click Restore.

onedrive previous time excel

Method 3. Retrieve deleted Excel file from local OneDrive folders

As you synced desktop to OneDrive, the file deletion from OneDrive won’t do any effect on the original local files on your computer. Therefore, you still have a chance to recover deleted OneDrive Excel file from your local computer.

Step 1. Click the OneDrive icon in the System Tray, then click More > Settings.

onedrive settings

Step 2. Go to the Account section and click Choose folders.

recover onedrive from local folder

Step 3. Note where the OneDrive folder is located in the lower left corner. After that, open File Explorer to find the Excel files in your OneDrive folder.

Method 4. Using professional data recovery tool

If you deleted the Excel file from both OneDrive and local folders, we recommend you use a professional Windows data recovery tool MyRecover to get back your deleted files safely and quickly.

MyRecover offers you comprehensive solutions to all data loss situations, including file deletion. The distinguished advantages of this software are listed below.

Easy-to-use. It has simple operations, and you can recover data from Windows in just 3 steps.
All-inclusive. It provides comprehensive solutions to protect you from all data loss scenarios. It can restore deleted data as well as lost data from formatted disks, crashed systems, etc.
Safe. It is 100% secure and trustworthy with a virus-free guarantee.
Compatible. It supports NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS in Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

On your computer, download and install MyRecover. Then, let's begin the process of recovering deleted Excel files.

Step 1. Launch the software on your computer, hover the mouse over the hard drive you want to recover your files from, and then click Scan.

select partition to scan

Step 2. Your drive will be thoroughly and quickly scanned by the software. The list of deleted files will then appear. You can easily find the desired files by putting their names into the search field in the top right corner.

scan lost data

Step 3. Select the target Excel files you want to recover and click Recover x files to get them back at once.

select deleted excel files click recover

Closing words

This post describes how to recover deleted Excel file from OneDrive. The methods above can all be used to recover different types of files. To directly restore recently deleted files, visit the OneDrive Recycle Bin. Or you can get the files by returning OneDrive to a previous time. You can also restore the deleted data from your local computer while your computer is syncing to OneDrive. In this situation, we advise using MyRecover to complete this task fast and safely.

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