By Jessie / Last update February 26, 2020

The Problem Caused by Sever 2003 Disaster

With time goes by, your windows may be attacked by different situations such as viruses, software bugs, hardware failure or human errors. When disaster comes to your Server, your important data will be lost. But it is more terrible for businessmen.

For example, you run an ecommerce web that sales games, if you sell games 24 hours a day to international or domestic markets, then you are gaining income 24 hours a day form your web. However, if there is something with your server which causes your site down for more than 2 hours, workers can’t work. 

Further more, your clients will go to other games sellers. This will directly have bad effect on your business. Server users can't afford to have a downtime and their services must be on line at any of time. So having a method to solve the problem for sever users is essential and necessary.

The Ways to Windows 2003 Server Disaster Recovery

In fact, Windows Server 2003 is very fragile and your data on it may be lost easily. It means it is necessary for you to do backup your computer to hire insurance for it. How to finish this task? There are some ways you should know.

Windows Server 2003 Built-in Tool

Windows Server 2003 can help you do back up with its own tool. You can do as follows to enter the tool: Start >All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Backup>Advanced Mode

    Select Backup Tool

In Backup Wizard, after you decide what to backup and the destination. When you click Advance, You can the type of backup.

  • Normal: backup selected files and make each file as backed up.

  • Copy: backup selected files, but does not mar any as backed up.

  • Incremental: backup selected files only if they were created or modified since the previous backup

  • Differential: backup selected files only if they were created or modified since the previous backup, but does not mark them backed up.

  • Daily: backs up only files that were created or modified today.

Sever 2003 Disaster Recovery with AOMEI Backupper Sever

AOMEI Backupper Server is professional software to protect your Server from data loss. For instance, system backup can back up all the system files and boot files. When your system is crashed accidently, you only need to restore if from your image files quickly. 

Moreover, automatic backup can help you create a schedule to do backup automatically for daily, weekly, or monthly. This making your data is always under protection. More you may like.

Backup Options

Compared with the two methods, the direct difference is that the interface of AOMEI Backupper Server is easier to use. Besides, this software can help you preview the image files but the built-in tool can’t support this. 

What’s more important is that when your system can’t be used, the built-in tool is useless; however, with a feature called Create Bootable Media can help you solve the problem. Therefore, to make Windows Server 2003 disaster recovery easier, AOMEI Backupper Server is your best choice.