Excellent Incremental Backup Freeware for Windows Server

September 20, 2019

A powerful and free incremental backup freeware, AOMEI Backupper can aid in backing up changes to improve the safety of data and system in Windows Server.

Brief Introduction of Incremental Backup Windows Server

Most of the computer users might have some acknowledgement of the back-up means. Generally speaking, it has three basic types: full backup, incremental and differential backup. However, to some people who are not familiar to this item, it may be unacquainted to some extent. Therefore, I would like to elaborate its definition first.

According to Wiki, incremental backup refers to back up the files that have changed or new based on the last back-up, be it a full or incremental one. Therefore, with the aid of incremental backup, the copies of data or files, which only include the changed or new parts, can be created successfully.

Merits and Demerits of Incremental Backup

Just like its name, there is a word that can explain this back-up method vividly. That is also where it gets its name: each back-up is just an increment for a previous back-up. As one of the common back-up means, incremental backup does have some relative merits. When it comes to its advantages, it can be roughly classified into the following points.

  • Above all, since it only backs up the increments, it is the fastest type.

  • Second, compared to other means, it can help to save a lot of storage space.

  • Last but not least, each increment that has been backed up can store a different edition of a file.

As for the drawback, that is, the full restore needs comparatively more time than other types, and the operation needs the image files of the first full backup as well as all the backed up increments. Although it has some disadvantages, it is still demanded by a large number of people, especially whose computer has been stored a lot of data and files. Just in one word, the merits outweigh its demerits.

Best Incremental Backup Software

As a powerful tool, AOMEI Backupper can help to ensure the data and hard drive security perfectly. It has three primary functions. Those are back up, restore and clone. Meanwhile, it possesses several auxiliary features, such as image file checking, bootable CD, etc. the picture below is the screenshot of its main interface.

About incremental backup Windows Server, this magic freeware can do incremental backup of files, system, as well as hard drive very well. Therefore, just download this program and try it now.

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