Back up Windows Server with Powerful Backup Freeware

December 25, 2014

Fantastic Windows Server backup freeware, AOMEI Backupper can ensure the security of hard drive perfectly with its specially designed functions, such as, backup, restore, etc.

Why Need Windows Server Backup Freeware?

As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital age, the safety of information becomes inevitably indispensable as well. Not only the safety of data, but also that of the operating system should be attached great importance, especially for the companies.

Negative effect of data loss

For companies, the data loss just represents a business risk, especially some confidential information. The negative effects can be significant. There are many types of bad effects result from data loss, for example, the financial loss, the decline of productivity, even company bankrupt, etc.

Bad effect of system crash

As for the problem of system crash, if the system drive has not been backed up in advance, the users would have to reinstall the operating system and some necessary applications, which would cost plenty of time.

Therefore, a Windows Server backup freeware can be a life-saving straw in making sure of the data and system safety. Next, a powerful and free server backup software will be introduced to all the users.

How to Back up Server Perfectly?

As a powerful Windows Server backup freeware, AOMEI Backupper can help to ensure the data safety perfectly. First, let's see its user-friendly main interface.

This out-standing software has multiple functions, such as, disk/partition backup, restore and clone, image file explorer, image checking, bootable CD, etc. The functions of backup, restore and clone is its main features.

As for backup, there are three means: full backup, incremental and differential backup. The function of disk/partition recovery, there are two approaches, one is recovery of equal size; another is recovery of changed size. Moreover, during the process of disk/partition clone, the function of partition alignment can help to optimize the performance of the SSD (Solid State Disk).

So if you have the problems concerning backup, restore, just download this free software to deal with them perfectly.

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