By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Importance of Backup

No matter you are a new computer user or not, you should know the importance of backup. Because you might loss data at any time due to many reasons, such as, some virus attacks, power failure, hard disk problem, etc. What can be more serious is that some confidential data loss may make the company go bankrupt. Many people believe that the computer is reliable and also is of high security so that there is no need in backing up data with some data backup software. That is not true, and never will be. All the users should back up data or hard drive regularly so as to make up for some serious computer disasters.

Brief Introduction of Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server, as a home server operating system, has been released to manufacturing on July 16, 2007, and officially released on Nov. 4, 2007. It is an intended solution for homes that own multiple connected personal computers with many advantages, such as, file sharing, remote access, and so on.

Best Choice of Windows Home Server Backup

As for the system state backup and restore of Windows Home Server (WHS), it can be completed through the following steps. First, you should log in WHS either through WHS Console, Remote Desktop, or Advanced Admin Console. Now, just do as follows:
Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tool-> Backup

Then, you can just do with the wizard. What is worthy of mentioning is that the process is very complicated, and would cost a lot of time. Therefore, a free Windows backup software, AOMEI Backupper can be the best choice in backing up Windows Home Server excellently. The picture below is the main interface of this software.


It has many functions to ensure the safety of information. For example, disk/partition backup, restore, disk/partition clone, image checking, image file explorer, create bootable CD, etc. Therefore, just download this freeware to ensure data safety perfectly.