How to Realize Automatic Backup Servers for Windows Server 2

August 24, 2016

Forget to back up your Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 again? Now, it’s the best time to use a software to realize automatic Server backup. This article will guide you to create system image backup for your Servers.

Importance for Server Backup

Most commonly used by official departments and enterprises, Windows Server is likely to hold many important data or classified files and secret archives, therefore install a program to realize automatic backup server is significant. As is well-known, there are many ways to prevent data loss that may caused by virus infection, system crash or human error, for example, back up data by using Windows Server backup software, make a duplicate of the important data or hire a software to set a automatic backup for server.

In most instances, the system backup may need to backup the entire disk or backup sector by sector, however, the Windows built-in backup only allows user to backup folder by folder, not to mention automatic backup sectors and disk. In addition, because Windows built-in program does not support compress the image files, so the image files would occupy a much larger storage space. Concerning this issue, AOMEI Backupper provide a versatile features to automatically backup server sector by sector, after installing this software, the program would do System Backup, Disk Backup or Partition Backup automatically and regularly. By doing so, we can regain our previous server state by restoring in case of any unwanted situation occurred.

AOMEI Backupper for Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012

AOMEI Backupper provided two installation package according to different Operating Systems, the first package is suitable for Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 while the second one is appropriate for Windows 7, 8 and Server 2008, 2012. You may have noticed that both of this two packages are available for Server 2008 and 2012. Free download this software by clicking here.

How to Automatic Backup Server?

Today, we are going to do an automatic server backup by the use of its System Backup feature. First, download and install AOMEI Backupper, run it, then you will find System Backup which located under the Backup option. And then click System Backup to switch to a new interface, the program will automatically choose the system partition as backup sources, and you only need to choose an external hard drive or other locations as your destination path.

The most important step for automatic backup server system is to set a schedule for automatic system backup. We can simply enter into Schedule Backup Setting by highlighting the additional option of Schedule Off please refer to the following screenshot. There are 4 options available, Daily Backup, Weekly Backup, Monthly Backup and Event Triggers Backup.

Set Schedule

  • Daily Backup
  • Daily Backup

    As you can see from the screenshot, Daily backup has 3 schedule options. If you choose the first one, the system will be backed up only once at 22/09/2013 16:55. If you choose the second one, the server will be backed up every day at 16:55. The last one is more interesting, by choosing Intervals, you can set a Start time, a Fnish time and an interval, make the setting that is shown in the picture listed below as an example, the software will achieve automatic backup server every hour from 00:00 to 23:59.

  • Weekly Backup
  • Weekly Backup

    Compared with Daily Backup, Weekly backup is much easier to understand. As shown, I choose 17:20 on Wednesday as my backup time, hence, the computer will do a backup at 17:20 on every Wednesday.

  • Monthly Backup
  • Monthly Backup

    Monthly Backup provided two options for user to choose, as shown in the screenshot, option one means AOMEI Backupper will do the system backup at 17:27 on the first monday of each month, while the second option means the system backup will be done at 17:27 in the third day of each month.

    • Event Triggers Backup

    Event Triggers Backup

    Automatically perform backup tasks in real-time based on user logon, user logoff, system startup and system shutdown.

    If you get all this ready, then click Start Backup to open a drop-down list as follow.

    Add Schedule

    Choose whatever one based on your needs to finish this operation.



In a word, automatic server backup, namely, schedule backup is vital to prevent data loss both for enterprise and individual users. The steps of automatic backup partition and disk for Windows Server are the same as automatic system backup, anyone who wants to set a schedule for partition and disk backup, please refer to the steps listed in this article. Besides, if you want to delete or change the backup schedule that has been created, please back to the Home option which is located in the main interface.