By Cherry / Last Updated March 28, 2018

Windows 8 sync folders to USB drive

Windows 8 is widely used in computer users. Users have their own computers to working, studying, playing, etc, and many users stored their data on computers directly. However, when you use computers, you may move files from one computer to another for using same data on different computers. You can copy folder to a USB drive, and then, plug the copied USB drive to another computer, you will get the same data on different computers. But if you changed data on the original folder, you need to copy the folder to USB drive again, which is very annoy thing. Well, is there any way that can sync files between computer and flash drive?

Fortunately, you can sync folders to USB drive or other flash drive so that the data you changed will be also changed on the USB drive or flash drive as only as you connected it to the source computer. It is very convenient for those people who will bring the data with USB drive. But how to sync folders to USB drive in Windows 8?

Method for syncing folders to USB drive in Windows 8

For Windows 8 sync folders to USB drive, here we highly recommend you a software AOMEI Backupper, which can help you finish the task in a few simple steps. But before you do, here you need to prepare for it:

  • Preparing a USB drive that you wan to sync folders on. Connect it to your computer and do not plug out the USB drive.

  • Install AOMEI Backupper on your Windows 8 computer.

After the preparations, you can start to sync folders to USB in Windows 8, or Windows 7/10, because AOMEI Backupper supports working on all Windows operating systems.

Step 1.You need to launch AOMEI Backupper first. It will display you the main interface of AOMEI Backupper. To sync folder to USB drive in Windows 8, here you should click Backup, slide the scrollbar, and select File Sync.

Add Folder

Step 2. It will pop out a window for choosing folders. Click Browse to select. Tips:you can set up file exclusion under the Filter settings.


Then click “Step2” to select the USB drive you prepared before as the destination disk.

Destination USB Drive

Step3.If you would like to sync folders automatically, here you can click Schedule to set up the frequency for daily, weekly, monthly or event triggers. You can also click Advanced to set up to do a full backup or incremental/differential backup.


After all the settings, you can click Start Sync to launch the progress.

Using AOMEI Backupper to sync folders to USB drive in Windows 8 is such an easy thing. Besides, AOMEI Backupper can do a lot of things for keeping your data safe. Such as create system image backup, so that you can restore computer to earlier date once you need; backup hard drive, clone system, create bootable media, and so on. It is worth to own.