Powerful Freeware for Windows 8 Incremental Backup

December 25, 2014

Windows 8 has more backup options for users to choose from, the new feature-incremental backup is quite convenient and save users a lot of time. While in this article, we’ll introduce you a powerful software to do incremental backup for Windows 8.

Advantages of Windows 8 incremental backup

An incremental backup differs from the other types of backup and contains all changes that have been made since the latest full or incremental backup was created, all of these backups must be located in the same folder so that you will be capable to restore the data. If one of incremental backups or a full backup is deleted, there’s no way to restore the set, since all backups are dependent on each other.

Microsoft has spent a lot of time trying to develop these features, so some of the built-in Windows 8 utilities come with options that were until now available in third-party apps exclusively. With Windows 8, users have a much wider range of choices when it comes to file and system backups than they did on the former Windows platforms.

Windows 8 incremental backup brings computer users great convenience:

  • Incremental backup takes less time and produces smaller image file comparing to full backup.
  • Incremental backup takes up less storage space since it only backs up changed files.
  • Incremental backup can be created with file history on Windows 8

The main advantage of such a backup is that it’s smaller than differential or full backups. If you set up an automatic backup schedule, it will reduce the load of your computer and free up its resources for other tasks. The difference is that Windows 8 incremental backup saves only the data from last successful incremental backup.

Windows 8 incremental backup is not an option anymore and every single computer user must do it in one way or another. Although most users know that incremental backup can be done with Windows 8 file history, it is a little bit complex and third-party software have evolved a lot and come with some very helpful options in this regard.

Powerful incremental backup freeware

There are different kinds of third-party backup software for users to rely on; AOMEI Backuppr could be the powerful one. It is compatible with Windows systems and allows users both to backup and restore, you may take a look at its main features:

  • Backup features
  • Restore features
  • Clone features

AOMEI Backupper

Incremental backup

AOMEI Backupper is completely free of charge and easy to handle with; it could be the powerful and even the best one for your incremental backup.

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