By AOMEI / Last Updated October 24, 2019

Introduction of System Recovery in Windows 7

System recovery refers to restore operating system to the normal state when the system suffers any problem to avoid reinstallation of operating system. This feature has been added in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It allows the users to have a full backup and restore of the system. However, it has several limitations, such as the lack of some features. It can not split image file so as to fit the storage device. It can not encrypt image file to ensure the safety of data better. Moreover, it can not compress image file to help to save storage space. Then, the reasons of system crash in Windows 7 will be discussed next.

Reasons of System Crash

The system crash may due to many reasons. Let's see them in detail that has been listed below.

  • Viruses attack: If you computer suffers a virus affection, it will become instable at first. What's worse, it may cause a boot failure by erasing the boot sector of the hard disk.

  • Overload of hard disk drive: If the hard disk faces a serious "low disk space" problem, the system may crash as well.

  • Software conflict: Some badly installed software and the incompatible problem of software may cause system crash, too.

  • Hardware conflict: Each hardware devices communicate each other by an IRQ (interrupt request channel). Each of them is unique. But if there are too many devices, or they have not been installed properly, two of them may share one IRQ. If we accidentally use these two at the same time, the system may crash.

  • Problem of power supply: A sudden cut of powerful supply may also lead to system crash.

  • Bad Ram: Ram (random-access memory) problems might leas to blue screen.

Therefore, in order to avoid system crash, we should come up with a good countermeasure before hand. The most suitable one is the backup Windows 7 system in advance, and restore it to the normal state when it is necessary.

However, if you never created backups before, how to recover lost/deleted/damaged/formatted files? Don’t worry, there is still a solution. With Wondershare Data Recovery, you can retrieve your data safely and completely. This software supports to recover files in more than 550 formats, such as images, videos, document files, emails, archives etc. Moreover, it covers a great range of devices or so to recover, for example: recycle bin, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, camera, mobile devices and so on. After recovering data, do remember to make a backup.

How to Do a System Recovery on Windows 7 with Powerful Freeware?

In order to resolve the problem of system crash in Windows 7 perfectly, a powerful and free software-AOMEI Backupper can be the best solution. The system recovery has a precondition. That is the image file of the Windows 7 operating system backed up in advance. This professional tool can complete both of the two tasks excellently. In addition, it also has the function of disk/partition/volume clone. The picture below is its main interface.

With the demonstration above, I am sure that you have a good acknowledgement of system crash and how to do a system recovery on Windows 7. If you are just worrying about this problem, just download this freeware to assist you at once.