By AOMEI / Last Updated October 28, 2019

Why need to Backup Windows 7?

Since the release of Windows 7, many users have upgraded their previous operating systems due to its popularity and advanced functions. At the same time, many of the users choose to backup system drive and some important data right after the OS has been installed. Why? Many users might have come across some disastrous disk troubles, such as, virus attack, system crash, etc. In addition, there are two frequently occurred problems in Windows 7.

  • The first one is that its system drive often faces the problem of "low disk space". In this case, the backed up image file can be used to restore the OS to a new hard drive.

  • Because of some serious virus attacks, some important data will be destroyed. If you have backed up the data, you can restore it to the previous state.

All in all, creating a backup by some backup freeware can help to ensure the safety of data as well as system better. No matter which problem you would meet, it is better to make a backup in advance.

Back up Win7 with Windows Snap-in Tool

As known to many users, Windows 7 has the feature of "backup and restore". The operations can be completed through the following steps.
First, enter the "Backup and Restore" option by the listed steps as below.
"Start" -> "Control Panel"-> "System and Security"-> "Backup and Restore"
Second, click "Create a system image", and then choose a destination and click "Next".
Third, select the partition that needs to be backed up, and then click "Next".
Fourth, make sure the settings and then click "Start backup".
At last, after the process is finished, click "Close".

From the steps above, we can know it is somewhat difficult. In addition, there are some limitations as well.

  • It does not have the function of compression so that it will occupy large spaces.

  • It does not have the function of encryption so as to ensure the data safety better.

  • It only has the function of full backup, and it will cost much time to back up some changed or new added data.

Therefore, a free and powerful Windows 7 backup software can do great help.

Free and Powerful Windows 7 Backup Software

As an easy-to-use backup tool, AOMEI Backupper has many excellent features, which can make up for the limitations of Windows snap-in tool. It has the functions of backup, restore, clone, image checking, bootable CD and so on. Moreover, it has the functions of compression and encryption. The picture below is the main interface of Windows 7 backup software.

If you want to back up system drive or some important data, just download this backup freeware.