By Cherry / Last Updated October 24, 2019

With the increasing amount of the data stored on computer, the previous computer hard disk hardly can meet the users' needs of data storage. In addition, since the hard drive technology has made great progress as well, plus the improvements of the average consumption level, many Windows users prefer to replace their old and small hard drive with large-capacity ones, especially those of Windows 7. Because apart from the new added powerful and attractive functions of Windows 7, this Windows operating system edition has higher requirements on storage space. At least 30GB is demanded to operate Windows 7 smoothly. Before carrying out the operation, we could need a free Windows 7 clone software first. A third party tool, AOMEI Backupper can be the most workable plan to all the Windows OS.

Professional and Free Windows 7 Clone Software

Why does this AOMEI Backup Software has been regarded as the professional cloning tool? Is it truly that powerful? Compared to other cloning tools, this most amazing feature is that AOMEI Backupper supports Windows editions of Server, Home Server, Small Business Server, XP, Vista, Windows7/8, etc.

Its main cloning method is quick clone, but also can do sector-by-sector clone as well. Besides its function of clone, it has many other functions as well. For example, it can do disk/partition backup and recovery to ensure data security. What's more, it supports "disk image checking and exploring", etc. Then, let's have a look at its main interface as below.

Windows 7 Clone Software

With the clear demonstration and the clear wizard on the graphic main interface, all the operations can be completed securely and perfectly. Therefore, if you have any disk problem in system transferring and data protection, just download this free clone software to run on Windows 7 and other OSs.