Clone Partition in Windows 7 with Free AOMEI Backupper Standard

September 30, 2015

There are many methods for you to clone Windows 7 partition. You can use the freeware AOMEI Backuppper Standard to clone a partition with a few steps.

Clone Partition for Windows 7

Windows 7 is popular in computer users. However,the users may still get many problems in many situations. If there are any data lost, it could be a great damage. Fortunately, clone Window 7 partition can solve many problems. For example, if you want to resize partition, or merge partitions, to prevent data losing, you’d better clone the partition in advance. Actually, clone partition is convenient for you. For example, you have several partitions on your disk, but you only want to backup one partition. Thus, backup the whole disk can’t satisfy your requirement, but the clone partition can clone every single partition. What’s more, if there is any program running on the computer when you copy all the data to another disk, you may get a warning that you can’t copy successfully. Well then, how to clone partition for Windows 7?

Clone Windows 7 Partition with AOMEI Backupper

There are many third party software that you can use to clone Windows 7 partition. Considering the price and the comprehensive features, here we highly recommend you AOMEI Backupper Standard. It is a freeware and its features are far beyond clone partition. You can use it to solve almost all the backup problems, such as system backup, system restore, disk clone, create bootable media, etc. The feature Partition Clone is more flexible than other software. You can use it to clone partition from one partition to another local partition, or another HDD. You can clone partition with this software whether there is any program running in the source partition. Besides, AOMEI Backupper has a very friendly interface that you can operate it alone even you are not a technician. Here is the step by step guide for you to make Windows 7 partition clone.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper Standard, install and launch it. Click “Clone” at the main interface and select “Partition Clone”.

Partition Clone

Step2. Click the partition which you want to clone (Here takes D: drive which has been used 53.12 GB as an example). Click D: partition, it will be green. Click “Next” to move on.

Source Partition

Step3. Select the destination partition for storing the cloning data. You must select a space required at least 53.12 GB, so it is enough for storing the data. You can select a clear partition or a partition with some data. Take E: drive as an example.

Destination Partition

Although it is enough to store the data on D: partition, but there are already a lot of data on it. Here will pop out a window to remind you as the picture shows. So we’d better use a clear enough partition. Otherwise, the data on the destination partition would be overwritten or deleted. When you confirm the destination partition, click “Yes” and “Next” to move on.


Step4. Here you can reconfirm the information of the source partition and destination partition. If there is no problem, click “Start Clone” to launch the progress.

Operating Summary

At the left bottom, you can click “Edit the size of partition” to resize the partition. If you checked the “Sector by sector clone”, it will clone all the sectors no matter it is used or not, even if the sector is blank or it is a logically bad sector, so it will take longer time. If your destination disk is SSD, we highly suggest you to check the option of “Align partition to optimize for SSD”, because it will accelerate the reading and writing speed for solid state drive.

Step5. After the progress has reached 100%, click “Finish” to exit.

In addition, with the help of AOMEI Backupper, you will solve a lot of problems in a few minutes. What’s more, this free backup software also supports Windows 10/8.1/8/Vista/XP.