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"I have a 500 GB hard disk installed on Windows 10 and I have used it for a long time. It always works well, but now I feel the space is small and plan to upgrade my present disk to a larger one. I am clear that reinstalling system is a way to solve the problem. But what trouble me is I don’t want to reinstall system and any programs during the upgrade, is there any third party software can help me reach the goal? Free cloning software may be better" A lot of posts like this can be found in many forums. How to solve this problem in Windows 10? The answer is to clone hard disk to another.

About Hard Disk Cloning in Windows 10

Clone disk refers to copy all the data on the disk to another. It is different from copy, because copy may cause error, for example you are not allowed to assess some system files after copy, while the problem will not happen to clone. Actually, besides the situation mentioned above, you can clone hard disk when you need to make a disk duplicate to make double insurance for your data or get rid of secondary damage to the hard disk during data recovery.

AOMEI Backupper Standard - Free Windows 10 Cloning Software

Free Windows 10 cloning software - AOMEI Backupper Standard devotes to protecting important data from being lost. It allows Windows 10 users to clone hard disk to another, even from a larger one to a smaller one. Furthermore, it is able to do system backup, files backup, incremental/differential backup and more. Compared with Windows 10 backup, this free Windows 10 cloning software is more powerful and convenient.

Before you do:

  • To clone from a larger disk to a smaller one, you should make sure the space on the destination disk is able to accommodate all the valid data on the source disk.
  • After cloning the source disk to the destination disk, all the data on the destination disk will be covered. Therefore, you'd better check out whether there is any important data on the target disk or not and if there is, copy it to another place in advance.
  • If destination disk is a dynamic disk, you have to convert dynamic disk to basic disk first.

Step1:Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Click Clone on the left side of the interface and then choose Disk Clone.

Disk Clone

Step2:Select the disk you want to clone as source disk (eg. Disk 0) and then click Next.

Choose Source Disk.

Step3:Choose another disk as the destination disk to store data on the source disk (eg. Disk 1) and then click Next to go on.

Choose Destination Disk

Step4:In the pop-up window, reading the message and then click Yes to continue.

Click Yes

Step5:Click Start Clone in the following windows, then the operation will begin.

Start Clone


  • "Sector by sector" option, which is able to clone all the data space on disk no matter it is used or not and it will take long time.
  • If the destination disk is SSD, you can choose "Align partition to optimize SSD” to increase the performance of SSD.

Step6:When the progress reaches 100%, please click Finish to exit the operation.

Cloning Now

With this free Windows 10 disk cloning software, you can upgrade disk without reinstalling system and data loss. Actually, you can also use this software to do disk backup and then restore image to the disk you want to boot from to avoid reinstalling system.