By AOMEI / Last Updated February 6, 2015

About Windows 10 File History

Windows 10 File History is a backup tool mainly used for file backup. In order to simplify the operation steps to increase the usability, Microsoft has improved the File History backup mechanism. You can directly use it without any setting. Once file history is enabled, it will backup user's file information of Windows 10 "library" at the default frequency of once per hour, including the saved files in the old version. At the same time, the recovery mechanism is also integrated. When you enter the backup folder, you can click on the File History button to find all file version of the previous backup in a concise window. Choose the files you need to restore.

As for system backup, Windows 10 File History also provide a solution. You can find a System Image Backup button at the lower left corner. Click it and you will see backup information in the pop-up windows. Then you can start backing up your Windows 10.

File History

From a cursory perspective, Windows 10 File History really makes contribution to solve backup issues. However, from modern perspective, File History can not stand the impact brought by third-party software, due to its defects of time-consuming and large space occupying. What’s more, from the point of Microsoft's official messages, the usage rate of File History is not widespread. Most users tend to use a third-party backup tool.

A More powerful tool than Windows 10 File History

Since Windows 10 File History can not cater to the requirements of most users, which third-party software is the better solution? Here a FREE and professional backup tool will be recommended to you, which is call AOMEI Backupper standard.

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a piece of FREE backup and restore software specially designed for Windows PC users, including Windows 10 users, to deal with their various data protection needs. Since the release of the first version, AOMEI Backupper has gained great reputation all over the world. After several years of continuous improvement, now it is among the best FREE backup software. Below is the main interface.

AOMEI Backupper

It can be observed from the picture that AOMEI Backupper has a rather clear interface and is suitable for all Windows PC users. It offers four backup options, i.e. file backup, system backup, disk backup and partition backup, for you to choose according to your own needs. Incremental and differential backup is also provided.

Besides, you can customize the image compression level in "Settings" to save your storage space. Moreover, it provides three clone features and many useful assisting tools under the "Utilities" tab. The operation is very easy, and all tasks can be completed in a short time within a few clicks. So why not DOWNLOAD this Freeware to try it by yourself?