Migrate OS to SSD/HDD with AOMEI System Clone

Due to the fact that SSD has a higher speed of writing and reading than ordinary hard disk, SSD is getting more and more popular among users. Many users want to or are replacing common physical disk with SSD. But here comes a question: How to make SSD become system disk? There are many complaints flooding out from users: reinstalling system is very annoying, or don’t want to download drivers again, etc. Users always want to seek a simplest solution to all complicated problems. What could be the solution? The answers is to use AOMEI System Clone to migrate system.

AOMEI System Clone or System Migration is a function equipped in AOMEI Backupper Professional, Server, and Technician Editions. It can help users migrate computer system to SSD/HDD easily. All drivers, software or applications in the system partition will be cloned to SSD/HDD, so you don’t need to reinstall them after migration. What’s more, if you migrate OS to an SSD, AOMEI Backupper has an option to use 4K partition alignment for SSD, which improves SSD’s performance and prolongs its lifespan.

✐ Tips: Except for System Clone, this software still supports Disk Clone and Partition Clone, which allows you to clone entire hard disk to HDD/SSD or a specific partition. You can learn more in Overview page.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clone System in Windows

Step1. Click Clone on the left pane and select System Clone.

Step2. Select destination location for system. After selecting, please click Next.

Step3. You can confirm on Operation Summary, then click Start Clone.
Sector by sector clone option will copy all sectors of system partition no matter whether it is used or not, but it will take much more time.
SSD Alignment option will optimize the performance of the destination disk if it is an SSD.

Step4. After cloning, if you want to boot from the destination disk, it should be set as the first booting device in BIOS.

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