Sync two folders is necessary

Nowadays, more and more people work on different computers in different places, which means you may have to put your work and data on different devices. Thus, it is important to keep the files and folders synchronized so that you are not dependent on one device, and sometimes, you need to sync two folders on a single computer.

How to sync two folders?

Sync two folders can solve many problems. When you change the data in one folder, the data in another folder will be changed automatically. But how to sync two folders?

Today, there are many software to synchronize folders. Comparing with features and payment, here we highly recommend you AOMEI Backupper Standard, a freeware which has powerful features far beyond sync files/folders. It can create system backup image, restore system Image to a New PC, automatically backup files with a certain file extension, etc. This software can help you do many things for your computers’ safety without paying money.

To sync two folders with AOMEI Backupper, you can do as the following three steps.

But before you do, there are some tips for you.

1. AOMEI File Sync supports one-way file sync at present. Which means that you can synchronize folder A from folder B, but you cannot synchronize folder B from folder A.

2. The files and folders cannot be synchronized to CD-ROM/DVD/Blue-Ray.

3. You can’t sync a single file more than 4GB to FAT/FAT 32 partition, because FAT/FAT 32 can only support single file up to 4 GB.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper Standard. Click Backup and slide the bar to select the File Sync.

File Sync

Step2. You will move to the window where you can set up sync two folders. Click Add Folder first.

Add Folder

Then, click Browse to choose the folder you want to synchronize. Here, you can open the Filter settings to set up the specific requirements. For example, you can set up sync files with a certain file extension automatically. You can select the condition at the drop down menu, or type the special file extension in the bar directly. Click OK.


When back to the window, click step2 to choose another folder where you’d like to sync with the former folder. Once the two folders have been synchronized, the data will keep in synchronized.

Another Folder

Step3. Click Start Sync to launch the program. When it’s done, click Finish to end up it.

If you want to setup an automatic file sync, you can click the Schedule in the bottom of the step2’s window. You can set up daily, weekly, monthly and event trigges sync file under the General tab, and the Advanced tab provides you to choose whether you’d like to install a service to run scheduled tasks or run missed sync at the next system startup.

Schedule Backup

The Sync Options beside the Schedule provides you a condition to write some comments about your tasks. And you can make an enable email notification by checking the box. Finally, you can manage you task back to the Home tab.

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