Easiest Way to Sync SD Card to Computer or Google Drive in Windows

March 15, 2019

This article tells how to sync SD card such as Android SD card and Ford navigation SD card to other places like computer and Google Drive in an easy way.

Need to Sync SD Card

Secure Digital (SD) card plays important role in people’s daily life. It stores data on Digital cameras or Android smart phones, or transfers files from one location to another. In some special cases, it stores navigation maps on GPS devices installed on a car, which is also known as Navigation SD card.

So important the SD card is, it is not uncommon to sync file from or to SD card. In general, users want to sync files on SD card in following situations.

  • For data security. One may want to sync files on Android SD card to computer to make another copy. When the SD card has an accident, he won’t be mess up.

  • Access files from other devices. One may want to sync SD card to Google Drive or other cloud storages that could be accessed from multiple platforms.

  • Reformat SD card for another use. Then, files on the SD card need to be synced to safe places.

  • Simply transfer files from or to SD card. One may want to sync one SD card to another to perform a memory card upgrading, or sync SD card to external SD card to make files delivered.

You may have other reasons that are not listed here to sync an SD card, but the more important thing is to figure out how to carry out SD card synchronization easily.

Sync Android SD Card to External SD Card on Smart Phone

SD cards are widely used on Android smart phones as external SD card. Therefore, many users want to know how to sync files from smart phone to SD card. If you’re using Android OS 4.4 or below, here are steps.

1. On your smart phone, tab Menu > Folders.

2. Navigate to the folder you want to sync but don’t open it.

3. Tab Select on the top bar and select folder(s) you want to sync.

4. Select the destination path and external SD card in turn when it prompts.

Download Free Sync Tool for SD Card

However, there is many other situations need the synchronization on SD card. A common and easy way is required urgently. Under such circumstance, AOMEI Backupper Standard, the free file sync utility, is strongly recommended.

This software allows you to sync SD card including files and folders to many devices such as local computer, cloud storage, NAS, network share, external storage, etc. That is supported with “File Sync” feature. If you plan to image files on SD card, choose “File Backup” to create image files. This option saves disk space on destination path, but it requires a restore progress before you could use the file. For more information, go to backup SD card to computer.

In addition, if you have applications or programs installed on the SD card and want to make an intact copy of them, the “Disk Clone” feature of the software comes to help. It will copy the entire SD card, including bootable SD card, to the target disk. For detailed steps, refer to clone navigation SD card.

The software supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP operating system and has lucid user interface. Now, free download it and have a try.

How to Sync to/from SD Card Step by Step?

This part will take sync WD SD card to local drive for example.


1. Install AOMEI Backupper Standard on a Windows based computer.

2. Prepare an SD card adapter if your computer has no SD card slot. Connect the SD card to the computer where you installed AOMEI Backupper. Make sure it can be detected.

Detailed steps:

1. Run AOMEI Backupper. Click Backup tab and scroll down to find “File Sync”.

File Sync

2. In this page click Add Folder > Browse > Computer (or This PC) to select files you want to sync on the SD card. You are allowed to edit the task name as you wish.

Add Folder

3. Click this space to select a destination path. You could sync to NAS, installed desktop applications of cloud drives, network share, or local/external drive.

Select Destination Path

4. Click “Start Sync” finally. Wait for the progress to complete.


  • Sync Options: make a comment for the task and enable email notification.

  • Schedule: sync files on a regular basis like daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Real-time Sync: sync files immediately when the changes are made. It needs Professional edition or higher.


When you want to sync SD card to other places, like computer or Google Drive, it is suggested to try AOMEI Backupper Standard. It is free and earns its own reputation among thousands of users around the world. Go for it and give it a shot.