By AOMEI / Last Updated October 22, 2019

The function of system restore is firstly introduced in Windows XP, and it can aid the users in recovering system without losing data. Also some powerful system recovery software can do this job perfectly, too.

Why do we Need System Recovery Software?

With the increasing development of computer technology, the computer may suffer more and more disk problems. The reason why the users need system recovery software can be grouped into three types.

  • The operating system has been attacked by some serious viruses, so that the computer can not boot normally.

  • The system restore software can help the users when the system crashes because of some unknown reasons.

  • Some wrong operations may cause the unnormal working of the operating system.

Among the cases mentioned above, the operation of system recovery can play a significant role in figuring them out.

How to Recover System Securely?

The Windows built-in tool also can backup and restore the operating system. However, it has some limitation in system backup, such as, the speed is slow, and it does not have the function of encryption and compression.

The operations can be completed through: "Start"-> "Control Panel"-> type "recovery" in the search box-> "Recovery"-> "Advanced recovery methods"-> "Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer", and then follow the prompts.

In order to avoid the limitations of Windows snap-in tool, a powerful third party backuper can be a better choice in completing this task. For example, the AOMEI Backupper, which can back up PC, restore and clone disk/partition easily and safely.

The picture below is its main interface.

With the clear prompts of this powerful backuper, the operations can be accomplished with ease. So if you are worried about this tough disk trouble, just download this freeware and see its magic functions right now.