Restore Your System After Crash Happened

September 19, 2019

Computer system may often encounter to crash without any indications, which will leaves us a big deal of loss. In this case, restoring it by the former backup files can change the situation very quickly.

Reasons for system crash

Crash, the most common computer terminology users meet, refers to the system halted or the system can not be started because of some unpredictable reasons. It often happens when people forget or fail to save the files, which always brings a big headache to us. To reduce the loss as much as possible, backup and restore may be the best solution. But still, we need to know what exactly the causes are, because "only knowing well about oneself and others can get the success". So let us to see them together:

  • Viruses attack

  • Like people will be ill when viruses infected, computer system is also not so strong as the iron or steel. When a virus attacked, the first sign will be instability or some trouble occurs to a program. Then some viruses may wipe out the hard drive's boot sectors, causing the computer fail to start.

  • False application-programs or software conflict

  • Sometimes due to the source code is not perfect, an application-program may do some bad things leading to a disastrous effect, especially for those users who like to download various softwares from the internet to try out their functions or who falsely install some software unconsciously.

  • Resource exhaustion

  • Resource refers to the ability of storing and handling the needed information when Windows is running a program, also is the sum of memory and disk storage capacity and CPU's data processing ability. If the resource was going to run out, the system will become tumbledown, particularly for those computers which are running many programs at the same time or which are not powered off several days.

  • Hardware problems

  • Memory bank's poor quality, board's incompatibility, power supply's instability, CPU's overheating, disk's bad track, cable's loose imperfect contact and board's unfixed location, etc. may all cause serious consequence. Besides, too much dust also can make the machine superheating and result in system breakdown.

    Apart from the main reasons stated above, there are surely many other causes, like hard disk drives overload, system files' not match, registry damage and so on. As ordinary computer users, we can not avoid all of these problems, but we can make a backup for the system to save every thing in safety state. And once the system is happened to crash or other troubles, we can just recover it to the initial good condition.

How to restore system after crash?

To achieve this important goal, we need a professional tool to help us because it is a complicated task. If there was something wrong, the result may be much more terrible. So here, the reliable backup and recovery software – AOMEI Backupper is highly recommended.

Why AOMEI? It's very simple. It can make the recovery very easy and fast. Just use the bootable disk or DVD to restore system state; few seconds later, all things will be back to the complete state. Moreover, there are many detailed instructions which can guide us to finish the whole process step by step. And the interface is also very nice; we will feel quite comfortable when using it (like the picture below). Download here!

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