By AOMEI / Last Updated May 31, 2016

What is disk image and why need to recover it?

Disk image also called Disk backup it is an exact copy of a computer’s hard drive. The copy includes all the partition information, boot sectors, the file allocation table, operating system installation and application programs. Disk images are used to restore a hard drive’s contents during disaster recovery or when a hard drive is erased, and to transfer the contents of a hard drive from one computer to another one.

Disk image aimed at providing the users with an exact replica of a computer’s systems and data in the event of a catastrophic disk crash where the user needs to recover systems or data, and a disk image has more uses in many aspects:

  • System backup
  • Disk cloning
  • Data recovery
  • Burning CDs and DVDs
  • Distribution of operating systems as a live CD
  • Creating a portable version of the user’s home system for travel

In other words, a disk image means having an updated ‘rescue disk’ that one uses to easily recover the system to what it was at the time of duplication, without having to go through the involved process of installing software and resetting to the desired configuration.

Restoring disk image is helpful to avoid damages of data and the reinstallation of the operating system and some other application, while if you handled incorrectly, the disk backup would be damaged to some extent. In that case, the disk imaging software can aid you in restoring the drive by the image that has been backed up in advance without data loss.

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Originally, the disk imaging software is used to provide quick and easy back-ups of computer software and data stored on hard disks. While most people think of backing up data, disk imaging programs back up not only data but also the computer’s systems and configuration. AOMEI Bakupper is a professional software which allows you to backup and restore your disk, partition and system for your computer’s security. It has a users-friendly interface and it is easy to handle, additionally, it is completely free of charge.

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