By Yuka / Last update December 13, 2021

Description of laptop hard drive backup

No matter what brand of laptop you are using, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus or Sony, backup hard drive for your laptop is essential for data security. Hard drive backup also can be called disk backup, it means backup all the data, files and application in your hard drive to prevent data loss. But it is worth noting that, when you do hard drive backup for your laptop, you can’t make the hard drive which you are backing up as the destination path. In order to perform this operation successfully, you have to plug in an external hard drive, DVD/CD or you can just backup it to Networks such as NAS.

The importance of employing third-party freeware for laptop hard drive backup

If there is not a data security guard (third-party backup software) installed in your laptop, your sense of security is out of date. Data loss caused by system collapse is happening every day, to hire a software for your laptop hard drive backup allows no delay. Fortunately, most software for hard drive backup are free to use.

Since there are plenty of free backup software on the market, to choose the one that suits you most is not an easy task. Based on this case, we prepare three useful tips for choosing an ideal laptop hard drive backup software:

  • 1, a powerful backup software must support incremental and differential backup.

  • 2, it should provide the feature for automatic backup.

  • 3, it can be used at no charge.

Which software is better and where it excels?

At the rest of this article, we strongly recommend you a sophisticated backup freeware — AOMEI Backupper. It’s a professional backup and clone software which is designed for Windows XP system and above. It meets all of the three requirements which mentioned above and could make an optimal choice for both laptop and desktop users.