Easy and Fast Backup Method - Intelligent Sector Backup

December 25, 2014

Since both intelligent sector backup and sector by sector backup are useful backup modes, we prepare this article to conclude the difference between them. AOMEI Backupper is advanced backup software which supports both this two features; we strongly advise you to download it and learn more.

Intelligent sector backup

To learn intelligent sector backup, we should first get to know what is Sector. Sector is actually the so called Disk Sector; it’s a physical subdivision of space on a computer disk-storage medium. Or more precisely, it’s a subdivision of a track. Simply put, Sector or Disk sector is the storage element which is considered as a unit of storage, and all the files and data are kept on the hard drive sector by sector. In other words, one disk is consists of used and unused sectors. In fact, intelligent sector backup is to create a backup image for the used sectors on a disk by using the Windows built-in backup program or third-party software.

Sector by Sector Backup

The opposite of Intelligent Sector Backup is Sector by Sector Backup. Sector by sector backup differs from intelligent sector backup, because this will backup all sector of the disk or partition, no matter it is in use or in idle. Sector by Sector Backup is also called Make an Exact Backup, after you create an image for all sectors of the selected disk or partition, this exact backup will contain not only the sectors that with data but also sectors which are free, and the size of the backup image will be equal to that of your hard disk drive supposing you haven’t highlight the Compression mode.

Software for both sector by sector and intelligent sector backup

Inteligent Sector
AOMEI Backupper is the professional backup software which provides free intelligent sector backup. With this freeware, you can choose to only backup the used sectors of your partition or hard drive; this will not only save the storage space by reducing the size of image file but also save your precious time. When restore in intelligent sector (an intelligent sector backup image is required), AOMEI Backupper will select those used sectors to restore and the unused sectors will be automatically skipped.