How to Restore Laptop When Your System Crashes?

December 25, 2014

This article will guide you how to restore laptop in two different ways. We will give a description about what is laptop restoration and why we need to do it. More than that, we will also give advices for how to backup your laptop to its original factory settings as well as how to recover your system to its original system status.

Information about restore laptop

To learn how to restore laptop, we should figure out what is “restore laptop” first. Restore laptop is an operation to regain a system state when the current system failed to start. The system state could be an original system state which only contains the factory settings, and it also can be a duplicate of your previous operation system status which preserves all the data and settings from your former system state. It should be noticed that, in order to restore your laptop to previous operation system condition, you must have employed a backup software and created an image files for your system state or for your entire hard drive. Information about how to restore laptop will be given at later paragraph.

Under what circumstances do you need to restore your laptop

As is known to everyone, data loss which is caused by system crash happened everyday. Whether you like it or not, you may have to restore your laptop sooner or later. As a precaution, you should find out what conditions could cause data loss. We listed the major reasons as follows:

  • 1, System collapse because hardware or software conflict.
  • 2, System fails to run owe to virus or hacker attack.
  • 3, Data loss caused by disk corrupt.
  • 4, More or less, human errors.

How to restore laptop when unwanted accidents occur?

As has been talked in the first paragraph, we can restore our laptop by using the laptop’s One Key Recovery function. However, as I told before, One Key Recovery could only restore your laptop to its original system state. In other words, you only can obtain the factory setting after you restore your laptop with One Key Recovery. Because of so, we strongly recommend you to restore your laptop with a third-party free software – AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is a professional backup and clone software which offers a powerful backup feature for laptop users. With this feature, you can randomly backup your system or even you whole hard drive disk to external hard drive, Networks, DVD, CD and etc. By creating an image file for your system or your entire disk, you can easily restore your laptop to normal condition when system crash occurs. Moreover, the newest version of AOMEI Backupper provides an incredible schedule backup feature which allows you to realize automatic backup. Detailed tutorials please refer to System Backup and Disk Backup.