By AOMEI / Last Updated November 6, 2019

Do you know what is the most annoying problem for the most of the computer users? Low disk space, virus attack, or some others? I suppose many users would say system crash. Because it may just occur without any presage, and then cause a prodigious data loss.

Why Does the System Crash?

As for this question, there are plenty of reasons which can be classified into three types: hardware malfunctions, I/O problems, and software errors. Usually the system may crash due to the following reasons.

  • System crash caused by software: the installing and uninstalling of some software can lead to this problem.

  • System crash caused by the operating system itself: this problem may occur when deleting DLL files, modifying Registry, as well as upgrading the OS.

  • System crash caused by hardware errors: the hardware should have the support of the software, such as application programs, the OS as well as the drivers.

  • The computer can not bear the load of so many running programs: if the users open too many windows at a time, it also may cause a crash.

Under this condition, how to avoid the problem of system crash turns out to be a very urgent issue to most of the computer users. After a long time of demonstration, powerful and free windows restore software is the best solution. Because it can restore the system drive with the system image backed up in advance.

Free and Powerful Windows Restore Software

As a specially designed tool, AOMEI Backupper possesses the functions of disk backup, partition backup, restore, and clone. The picture below is its main interface.

There are three approaches in backing up disk or partition: full backup, differential and incremental backup. As for the restore of disk or partition, there are two advanced points:

  • The disk backup can be restored in the form of partition.

  • The partition backup can be restored in the form of disk.

Note: The operation of restoring the system partition must be carried out through the bootable CD.

Therefore, just download the freeware and resolve the problem at once.