By AOMEI / Last Updated November 6, 2019

About System Restore Utility in Windows

As we know, system restore is aim at turning system back to the working state without reinstalling the operating system and damaging the data files. It has been added to Windows Me and the latter advanced OS. With its help, we can roll the system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc. back to a previous condition when some malfunction or failure happened.

However, there are also limitations of this utility. One is that if we have entered Windows, we can not recover the system drive to the original one because all the system files are being used at that time; and if we want to write new files to be a substitute for the primary ones, confliction will come up. Another is if the system had crashed unluckily and reboot is not available, we could not run the system backup and restore utility any more to reach our goal. What's more, this case is often encountered by us for there are always many unexpected incidents or unconscious human errors which will cause the tragedy. Then what shall we do to work it out?

Free System Restore Software to Recover System State with Bootable CD/DVD

Actually in the past, there is no other way to recover all things back to the original condition that we want. Even reinstalling the OS can not satisfy all of our requirements because it also will lose some data or programs we have owned. But now it is not a question for us any more. We can backup the previous system state and save it on a bootable CD/DVD in advance; then if the machine crashed, we can use this CD/DVD to start and recover the computer. That is very convenient and secure.

So to go back to Windows, a free system restore software is needed by us to create a bootable CD. Among the so much backup software in the market, we can see few good one which is really suit able for us, but AOMEI Backupper is different. It can not only back up and clone the partition or hard disk but also can create bootable disc to recover system. All operations are very simple and clear with its step-by-step instructions.

In addition, it also has many other popular features that can help us protect our computer's safety. In one word, if you have such kind of needs, this backup freeware is the best choice for you. Download here!