How to Encrypt Backup Image with Backup Software

December 25, 2014

This article is mainly about what is encrypt backup and the importance to do this operation. In order to give you a better explanation, I will demonstrate a third-party free backup software – AOMEI Backupper to show you how to backup.

Information about encrypt backup

Encrypt backup refers to encode the data or files so that it can’t be read and used by hacker and unauthorized visitor. This feature is being more and more used in enterprises and information/message based companies, because it not only can enhance the security level of the confidential message but also restrict the non-privileged users to perform the backup recovery by providing the access only to those authorized people who have the exact password. There is one more thing you need to know is that, the encryption operation should be done before you create a backup image, you are not allowed to encrypt an exist backup image and you still have no rights to change the password for a password-protected backup.

The importance to encrypt backup

Just as we discussed in the last paragraph, after you create a backup for your disk/partition/system, the backup image can be used and restored by anybody who have right to sit before you keyboard, and they are very likely to recover those backup inattentively, and worse still, your current system/partition/disk will be covered by the recovery. For users who keep their valuable backup data on their USB, CD/DVD or SSD, it is even more necessary to achieve such encryption. What if you lost that storage device? Anybody who found it will get free access to your confidential backup message and information. So, there is no need to doubt the importance of encrypt a backup image.

How to encrypt backup?

AOMEI Backupper is professional backup software which provides powerful industry-standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic algorithm, after you encrypt your back by setting a password under Encryption feature, those password-protected backup data would only give access to the authorized users who gives the correct password. The AOMEI Backupper’s Encryption function will allow you to type in at most 15 letters or numbers, since it use the advanced AES cryptographic algorithm as we mentioned before, you must remember the password you’ve set, otherwise you will never get the permission to recover your backup image.


Two steps to encrypt backup:

  • 1. Click on the small pane before “Enable encryption for backups” to start.
  • 2. Type in your password in the first text box and your password must contain letters and numbers only, better be between 5 and 15 characters in length.
  • 3. Enter you confirm password in the second text box, then click OK.

Read more about how to encrypt backup with AOMEI Backupper please visit: Encrypt Image File.