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To backup stuff on computer, there are many ways. There’s no best one, but the one suits you is the right one. You can find what to do with backup in this passage.


By Clytze / Updated on October 26, 2022

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DVD Backup Software

With AOMEI Backupper, you can burn your data into CD/DVD, after backup, you can restore your data via CD, this passage tells how to do that in detail: System Restore via Bootable CD

Run AOMEI Backupper, choose the “Utilities” on the left guide bar, click “Create Bootable Media”, the you can see a pop-up window with two options. Take Windows for example, Choose windows PE and then Next to Burn to CD/DVD. Please note that, a CD-burning program is required, and insert the media into the CD-ROM to active the “Burn to CD/DVD” option. Detailed steps and Linux guide please hit here

After backup, you can restore data via CD, this tutorial tells how to do that in detail: System Restore via Bootable CD

AOMEI Backupper

If you only want make a backup in other partition with free space, CD is not the best one. free backup tools can meet your need. AOMEI Backupper, make backup, restore and clone easily to operate. Rich functions in this tool make it almost perfect.

Interface of Backupper

Run it on the desktop, in the home windows to start your first backup. Select the source and destination disk or partition. after all these steps you can see your named backup displayed in the home tag, where you can do more operations like incremental backup and differential backup.

Incremental Backup

It refers to back up changed and new added data based on the first full backup or the last backup, so they are mutual dependent relationship. That is to say, each backup will create an image file, and all the image files are related. The last image file of incremental backup is based on the previous image file. The deletion of a previous image file will make all the subsequent image files invalid.

Differential Backup

Differential backup refers to back up the changed data based on the last full backup, which means, it is based on full backup, not incremental backup. When you do differential backup, it helps to improve backup efficiency and reduce storage disk space required by the image file. It is another form of incremental backup.

Remote Backup Service

also known as cloud backup, is getting widely acknowledged in recent years. It’s convenient and easy to use. No device limitation, you can upload your file with cell phones or computer. It’s a brand new way of backup and restore. You can learn more on this article: Click here

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